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    STR-DE185 AM-FM Receiver

    Packed with 100 watts of power per channel, Sony's STR-DE185 Receiver will rock your listening room with riveting sound. Features include a New Hi-Fi Design that will complement your components, a 5-function input selector, Frequency synthesis AM/FM tunin

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    DL231 24 Input, 24 Output Active Microphone Splitter

    DL231 24 Input, 24 Output Active Microphone Splitter with 2 Independent Midas Microphone Preamplifiers per Input.  2 award-winning Midas microphone preamplifiers per input with switchable +48 V phantom power 2 dual redundant AES50 network ports with inde

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    DLIO-BP Audio System Modular I/O Blanking Plate

     Midas DLIO-BP Audio System Modular I/O Blanking Plate. Audio System Modular I/O blanking plate Compatible with Midas PRO3, PRO6, PRO9, PRO X, DL351 and DL451  DLIO-BP is a blanking plate for use with the I/O expansion slots in MIDAS PRO3, PRO6, PRO9 an

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    L1B 500 Series Modular Blank Plate

    L1B 500 Series Modular Blank Plate.  Single width 500 Series blank plate Protects and covers unused slots of your Midas L6 & L10 Fits most 500 Series rack mount chassis Nothing looks better than a completely loaded LEGEND L10 or L6 500 series chassi

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    Limitimer PRO-2000

    The DSan Limitimer PRO-2000 is an automated timekeeper that controls a remote signal light alerting speakers to the end of allotted time. Limitimer...Keeps time at lectures, forums and legal proceedings. Maintains pace of programs. Builds confidence that

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    DS8000/D Audio Distribution System

    Featuring all new microphone pre-amps designed by Gottelier award winning Alex Cooper, the DS8000 offers many new facilities including a dual redundant power supply*, simple Outside Broadcast “one to many” split switching and 48V “safe“ functions to preve

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    141B 8 Channel ADAT to Analog Converter

    Ideal for surround outputs to speakers from DAW interfaces 44.1k and 48k operation Independent output level trim adjustments Plug and play operation Plug & Play D to A Model 141B is a plug & play, eight-channel ADAT to analog converter with bala

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    144 Bi-Directional Digital Converter

    The 144 from Aphex is an 8 channel, bi-directional digital converter originally developed as an AES input/output module for use with the company's ADAT-based Anaconda digital snake system. However, the unit can also be used as a standalone converter withi

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    228 8-Channel Consumer to Pro Level Interface

    The Aphex Model 228 8-channel audio level interface is for multichannel applications of up to eight channels. Using two channel interfaces is cumbersome and expensive. With the need by far to match consumer level outputs to professional level inputs Aphex

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    148 Active Digital Audio Splitter

    With the advent of digital audio consoles and recording devices, the need often arises for a digital output to be sent to multiple digital inputs. But digital signals cannot be split as simply as analog audio signals. Trouble-free transmission of digital

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    Model 5200 MIDI / RS-422 to LAN interface

    The Model 5200 is a simple interface that enables remote control of the mic pre gain of our Model 188 and Model 1788A eight-channel microphone preamps from an Avid control surface, Avid Pro Tools*, or Yamaha** mixer using a standard Ethernet router.Contro

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    UA505 Antenna Mounting Bracket Kit

    Antenna mounting bracket kit includes 1 mounting bracket, bulkhead adapter, and bulkhead adapter nut for remote antenna mounting.

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    The SPL-D2 is a sound-level display unit. This unit can be used as a stand-alone device, or it can be connected to the SPL5 limiter. The display is built-up with hi-efficiency bi-colour LEDs, so that it is clearly readable from a distance.

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    HDI302 2-Channel IR Stethophone Receiver

    The HDI302 from Sennheiser is a lightweight and comfortable IR stethophone receiver that can receive signals transmitted at 2.3MHz or 2.8MHz. The unit features self-adjusting arms and removable, washable eartips for comfort and ambient noise isolation. Th

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    15GN 15" Cone Loudspeaker

    The D.A.S. 15GN is a high efficiency lightweight 15” diameter cone loudspeaker with 4” diameter voice coil. It features T.A.F. (Total Air Flow), which conjugates centre pole piece, side slot and direct voice coil convection cooling to provide high power h

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    EMR Audio Router (Hybrid Router)

    The EMR is a multi-format modular router that provides a high density solution without compromising functionality. The EMR provides a unified platform for routing digital audio, analog audio, MADI audio, A-LINK audio, data, and time code. The EMR uses a p

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    MDR DMX / RDM Data Splitters

    The MDR range of data splitters are DMX512-A (ANSI E1-11) compatible and are available in a 19” rackmount model or in a compact, portable model. These splitters are the world's first field-upgradeable splitters to offer RDM functionality as an option. The

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    An articulate headphone mix can make a tremendous difference to the outcome of a recording session. The 4-channel POWERPLAY PRO-XL HA4700 features superior performance, routing and mixing functions to accommodate the most discerning set of ears. Aux Input

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    HARMONY SINGER 2 lets you supercharge your vocal performance with either one or two harmony singers instantaneously! Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use stompbox format, HARMONY SINGER 2 provides your choice of 8 harmony styles – all controlled via yo

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    TC1210-DT is an exceptional stereo expander and modulation unit that brings the performance of the famed TC 1210 magic to your studio. With its innovative fusion of hardware and software, it captures the amazing sound and versatility of the iconic rack un

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