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    115XT HIQ Monitor

    115XT HiQ - Active Stage Monitor The XT coaxial range delivers a complete sound reinforcement solution to fulfill the highest demands of audio professionals for both the fixed installation and rental production markets. The XT series delivers the ultimate

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    Stagemonitor M152

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    M-C15 Two-Way Passive Coaxial Stage Monitor

    The M-C15 is the larger of two new coaxial stage monitors from EM Acoustics – a compact two-way design intended to satisfy the most demanding artist. The M-C15, and the smaller companion M-C12 – are intended not only to be world-class stage monitors, but

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    Axys UFM-215 Self Powered Monitor

    The Duran Audio UFM 215 is a self powered monitor with a PD 15" low frequency driver and a 2" HF driver.

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    M215 Monitor

    The Adamson M215 monitor delivers everything you want and more in a conventional stage monitor: extremely high-power and high-performance with zero distortion. The trapezoid enclosure features symmetrical driver placement with a 50° conical waveguide resu

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    M6 Stage Monitor

    The M6 is a 2-way high performance stage monitor employing an integrated 12” LF and 1.3” exit horn loaded HF coaxial driver design that utilizes neodymium magnets. The constant directivity dispersion of 50° x 80° (h x v), which this unique horn provides,

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    DS15 Monitor

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    The DS15 is an enclosure offering total versatility between façade and backstage applications. It is characterized by a quality and a finesse of sound reproduction close to that of the best studio monitors. The ergonomics and multiple additional options o

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    Action M12 Passive Stage Monitor

    The single D.A.S. Action M12 is a passive, full-range, two-way stage monitor designed for professional live sound reinforcement applications. The speaker offers a power handling of up to 1200W peak, which drives the 12" woofer and 1" compression

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    UM-100P Self-Powered Stage Monitor

    The Meyer UM-P Series (UM-100P, UM-1P) self-powered stage monitors are composed of: one 12-inch cone driver and one 3-inch diaphragm compression driver; phase-corrected, optimized control electronics; a two-channel amplifier (350 Wrms/ch). The drivers,

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    Delta 15m 15" PA Monitor Speaker

    Delta 15M is a PA monitor speaker made for on stage use with bands, DJs and fixed installations. Featuring a 2” titanium voice coil combined with a 15” low distortion cast frame woofer, the loudspeaker generates 450 watts RMS of power while the 90 x 60 wa

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    TFM122M 12" Stage Monitor

    The 2-way full range TFM122M is a switchable passive/bi-amp 1,400 Watt 12" loudspeaker system that is ideally suited for a wide range of portable speech and music sound reinforcement applications. The TMS122M is designed to work in conjunction with L

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    TFM152M 15" Stage Monitor

    The 2-way full range TFM152M is a switchable passive/bi-amp 1,400 Watt 15" loudspeaker system that is ideally suited for a wide range of portable speech and music sound reinforcement applications. The TMS122M is designed to work in conjunction with L

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    AE-6B / AE-6BNC Monitor

    The AE-6B and AE-6BNC low-profile monitors provide extremely high acoustical output. The AE-6B has a vertically formatted wedge design with a wide horizontal pattern. The AE-6BNC is identical except for its narrow conical, long-throw/high frequency patter

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    M2 Stage Monitor

    The M2 is a 2-way high performance stage monitor, with a peak sound pressure level of 143 dB. Its design uses a low height cabinet, achieves a constant directivity of 45° x 60° > 600 Hz and significantly raises the feedback stability margin. Together w

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    DVX DM28 Stage Monitor

    In contrast to cabinets loaded with simple 8” speakers, the DVX DM28 packs a mighty low-midrange punch. What’s more, it responds far faster to transients in the signal, rendering each attack with awesome accuracy and power.  Offering far greater dynamic r

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    Control 30 Three-Way High Output Indoor / Outdoor Monitor Speaker

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    The Control 30 utilizes high power components, computer optimized horn and coaxial component design, patent-pending cabinet manufacturing techniques, and a complex network to achieve smooth high fidelity performance, extended bandwidth and well-controlled

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    FM1502 Stage Monitor

    The Electrovoice FM-1502 is a 300 watt, two-way, high-efficiency, constant-directivity stage monitor.

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    12" Wedge Two-Way Monitor

    Clair Brothers 12" Wedge Two-Way Monitor. • Two-Way Monitor – Available in Active or Passive models • Frequency Response: 65Hz–17KHz • Recommended Power Amplifier: 1200 W Peak @ 8 Ohms • Max. Output: Peak 131 dB SPL • Drivers: LF: 12"; HF 2&quot

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    M-10 Passive Stage Monitor

    The M-10 is a compact two-way passive stage monitor, intended for lower-SPL applications where accurate artist reference and reasonable LF extension are still required from a very compact enclosure. The M-10 is completely passive, yet outperforms many bi-

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    HD-FM Monitor

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    Complementing the HD family, OHM is proud to present the HD-FM monitor. In line with the current direction of creating attractive listening columns, we have challenged our designers to construct a product that will not be just a copy of current trends. Tw

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