unD6IO Dante Networked Audio Wall Plate

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    The Attero Tech unD6IO is a cost-effective, multi-IO Dante network audio wallplate, featuring XLR, RCA and 3.5 mm inputs along with one 3.5 mm and two balanced outputs in a dual-gang form factor. The unD6IO is PoE enabled, delivering all connectivity (power, control and audio data) with a single CAT-5e/6 cable. The size and I/O […]

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    unDX4I Dante Network Audio Wall Plate 4×2 mic/line I/O

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    The Attero Tech by QSC unDX4I is a cost-effective multi-IO Dante network audio I/O wall plate, featuring four balanced mic/line XLR inputs and two balanced line outputs on a Phoenix connector. Designed to fit into most dual gang US junction boxes, the unDX4I is PoE enabled, so all connectivity (power and data) is provided by […]

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    Professional Series PS-S63T Surface-Mount Speaker

    Sonance Professional Series PS-S63T Surface-Mount Speaker features the Patented FastMount bracket and front cable connection to speed up the installation process and provide a clean appearance.  The IPX4 rated construction features a weatherproof high-impact, extreme temperature resistant cabinet and corrosion-proof powder coated aluminum grille, lending itself perfectly in both indoor and outdoor applications.  A high-excursion […]

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    CVS 4 (EN 54) 4" Coaxial In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

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    The CVS 4 (EN 54) is an in-ceiling 160-Watt full range loudspeaker engineered to provide superb audio performance in both background and foreground music sound systems. Ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, from restaurants and hotels to hous

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    D-RLC3 Remote Level Control

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    The D-RLC3 is designed to directly interface with RDL control modules which feature a 0 to 10 Vdc control input utilizing an external 10 k? resistive control, such as the ST-VCA3, RU-VCA2A and RU-VA6A voltage controlled amplifiers. The D-RLC3 has four mom

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    RK6 Rack-mount Kit

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    Aviom RK6 Rack-mount Kit.

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    Floor Box – FL-500P series Boxes and Covers

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    FSR's Flagship UL Listed Floor Box. The FL-500P floor box combines rugged construction and an elegant design for use in carpet, tile or wood covered floors over poured concrete applications. This floor box has ample compartment room to accommodate power,

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    Plena PLN-6AIO240 All-in-One Unit

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    The All-in-One Unit is the main product of the All-in-One System and integrates the following components: a 240 W mono mixer amplifier. SD and USB player that can play MP3 encoded files from SD and USB devices. a digitally controlled AM/FM-tuner for rece

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    PLN-6CS Call Station for PLN-6AIO240, 6-zone

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    Bosch PLN-6CS Call Station for PLN-6AIO240, 6-zone. Stylish, high?quality six?zone Call Station for the Plena All?in?One System Six?zone selection keys with LED indicators, and an ‘all?call’ key Momentary Press To Talk (PTT) key Configurable gain, spee

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    LBB3420/00 Infra-red Transmitter Housing and Power Supply Unit

    The LBB 3420 is a housing that can accommodate the various application modules used to create a transmitter. It can be used in 19" rack mounting or table-top configuration, and has its own built-in power supply. It accepts up to seven modules, which

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