SQ1G Graphic Equaliser

    Klark Teknik SQ1G Dual 30 Band, 1/3 Octave Analogue Graphic Equaliser with Enhanced Proportional-Q Response.  Enhanced Proportional-Q equalisation provides both smooth contouring EQ and High-Q notches Fixed 80 Hz high-pass and 12 kHz low-pass filters per

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    EQF 500 Semi-Parametric EQ

    BY : Aphex In : Equalizers

    The EQF 500 is a three band semi-parametric EQ that includes independently selectable variable high and low pass filters. The high and low EQ bands can be switched between shelving and peaking. Illuminated buttons for all functions ensure the EQ's state c

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    System 9098 – Equalizer

    BY : Amek In : Equalizers

    “Purists might say they would like to set everything flat in the hope that this might provide a ‘natural’ or unprocessed sound. In nature, however, nothing is flat. Every sound we hear has been influenced by acoustic or mechanical resonances, be they from

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    Ivory 5013 Parametric EQ

    BY : TL Audio In : Equalizers

    The TL Audio 5013 Parametric EQ offers a perfect combination of performance and affordability among TL Audio equalizers. The 5013 is a rackmount EQ that features a peaking/shelving option on both low-frequency and high-frequency bands plus a Fat-contour s

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    BY : Midas In : Equalizers

    The PARAMETRIC EQUALISER 512 is a compact 500 Series 4 band fully parametric equaliser based on channel strip originally provided in the legendary MIDAS HERITAGE 3000 mixing console. When used in conjunction with the LEGEND L10, L6, or other standard 500

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    DP11EQ Digital Signal Processor

    BY : Shure In : Equalizers

    The Shure Model DP11EQ is a single-channel, digital signal processor that combines a comprehensive dynamics processor, two parametric equalizers, and a delay in a single, half-rack enclosure. The DP11EQ can function as a gate, expander, Automatic Gain Con

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    530 Parametric EQ

    BY : DBX In : Equalizers

    The dbx 530 Parametric EQ offers a unique degree of equalization flexibility in the popular 500 Series format. Based upon the classic dbx 905, the dbx 530 is an uncompromising equalizer offering true, fully parametric operation of all three filter bands!

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    131s Single 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

    BY : DBX In : Equalizers

    When the pros need an EQ, they turn to dbx. With a proven track record that spans four decades, dbx EQs are the industry standard for touring, studios, and audio installations. With the dbx heritage of revered pro EQs, the 131s meets the needs of the most

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    PEQ3600 Graphic Equalizer

    BY : Phonic In : Equalizers

    Phonic PEQ3600 dual channel, 31-band graphic equalizer.

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    231GSP Graphic Equalizer

    BY : LA Audio In : Equalizers

    The EQ231-GSP is a highly versatile combination of dual 31 band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer, LF and HF variable frequency Shelving Equalizer, variable High and Low Pass filters and Limiter-Noise Gate. The band pass filters are based around precision mini

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    Main Features - Motofader-64 To give you exactly the same access to hands-on faders as you have on a standard analog Graphic EQ, a 4U high flying-fader remote head is available. 29 motorized faders, a display to read out channel name and number, combined

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    MQ3600 Dual Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

    BY : Phonic In : Equalizers

    The Phonic MQ3600 is a dual channel, 31 band equalizer that offers 12dB of cut or boost in 1/3 octave steps, with standard ISO center frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 KHz. MQ3600 is 2-rack unit in size, and accepts both 1/4" TRS phone jacks and XLR c

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    SX201 EQ/Preamp

    BY : Symetrix In : Equalizers

    The Symetrix Model 201 EQ/Preamp provides studio quality equalization and notch filtering for line level balanced or unbalanced signals, as well as for low level unbalanced signals. Three fully parametric bands of equalization are provided, with +15dB boo

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    IPD 2400

    Delivering 2 x 1200 W at 4 ohms, IPD 2400 packs reliable power and performance into 1U.  At the heart of the IPD platform is a latest-generation DSP engine equipped with up to a total of 40 real-time, multi-slope parametric EQs along with adjustable gain,

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    120A Subharmonic Synthesizer

    In : Equalizers

    Why just rock the house when you can rattle the foundation loose. The wildy popular beat of "House Music" is likely to be driven by the throbbing, low-end bass of dbx Subharmonic Synthesizers in clubs around the world. For decades, the patented

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    PEQ305 5-Band Parametric EQ

    In : Equalizers

    Behringer PEQ305 5-Band Parametric EQ.

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    ME15B microGraphic Equalizer

    In : Equalizers

    The Rane ME 15B microGraphic Equalizer is a two-channel, 2/3-octave design with 20 mm sliders in a single rack space unit. It features a Range switch for high slider resolution in the ±6 dB mode, equivalent resolution to 45 mm sliders found on double rack

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    Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T Program Equalizer

    In : Equalizers

    Also and especially with this tube version of the patented Vitalizer filter network you can effortlessly achieve an objective improvement while optimizing your sound. Your ears are in control and you have the ability to make any production or recording so

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    131 Single Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

    In : Equalizers

    The dbx 2-Series Graphic Equalizer series have been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding sound reinforcement environments, while offering the simplicity of straightforward controls. The 131 not only offers standard features like single-channel

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    DN30/30 Stereo Graphic Equalizer

    In : Equalizers

    The DN30/30 Stereo Graphic Equalizer represents a breakthrough in equalizer design, giving two channels of full 1/3rd octave equalization in one compact unit.

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