Concert Sound Systems

    PROJECTOR System

    The perfect rig for playing successful gigs in tents, halls, and open-air events, PROJECTOR weds audio expertise gained with big touring rigs to the advantages of HK AUDIO Active Systems. Brawny enough for big bass sounds yet ultraresponsive for rendering

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    $1,500.00 $20,000.00

    V8 Complete Package

    The V8 is a 3-way passive design housing 2 x 10" LF drivers, one hornloaded 8" MF driver and two 1.4" exit HF compression drivers with 2.5" voicecoils mounted to a dedicated waveshaping device. The symmetrical dipolar arrangement of th

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    $41,415.50 $229,560.20

    Lucas PA System

    LUCAS NANO is the only professional stereo PA system that can be carried in one hand. The second generation is made up of five individual models across two power classes. As a front PA with your band for audiences of up to 200. An MP3 playback party sound

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    Dance5 Dedicated Dance Club System

    The Dance5 is a premier member of JBL’s purpose-designed dance club family of products. Designed with enough low frequency horsepower to rock any house, smooth sweet sounding horn-loaded cone midrange and the extreme high frequency performance that JBL is

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    Marquis Dance Club

    Powerful Loudspeaker Systems Designed for High Performance Dance Clubs.

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    Mugello-KH3 Line Array

    The Mugello-KH3 is the medium format mid-high line array element offered in our Concert Series. The self-powered speaker is comprised of two 12” neodymium magnet woofers with a 2.5” voice coil each and two 1.4” compression drivers with a 2.5” voice coil e

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    $76,914.50 $76,914.50

    C-Series Line Array System

    The C-Series has been optimized for medium to large scale, flexible, modular array configurations and high sound pressure levels. The C-Series loudspeakers use horn loading and conventional point source techniques to create modular high power systems with

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    $2,400.00 $16,111.00

    AL-8 Compact Line Array System

    The al-8 Compact Line Array System picks up where the al-4 Subcompact Line Array System leaves off. The al-8 ‘Acoustic Linearity’ element utilizes VUE’s most advanced technologies including CST to extract exceptional performance from its compact design. I

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    STM Line Array System

    For too long now, the business of a sound rental company has been dictated by system manufacturers. You need one type of system to be in the touring market, another for corporate jobs, and so on. It all adds up to a lot of boxes that often spend more time

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    $48,500.00 $1,308,888.00

    MLA Mini Ultra Compact Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array

    Martin Audio’s revolutionary award-winning Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array [MLA] technology is reinventing the way loudspeaker arrays are configured and controlled — combining unsurpassed audience coverage and consistency with superior fidelity. The ultr

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    $54,423.66 $54,423.66

    Galeo Two-Way Line Array System

    The GALEO Line Array System is suitable for a wide range of sound applications for which a fast set-up, high sound quality, long throw and predictable directivity are crucial. The application of the patented AMR (Air Mass Reflection) principle and the opt

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    The HDL 50-A is a true active high power speaker system ready to use touring system for large events, indoors and outdoors. Equipped with 2x12” woofers, 4x symmetrical 6.5” midranges and two 2” drivers, it offers excellent playback quality and high sound

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    $92,297.40 $104,000.00

    R4 Series II Loudspeaker System

    The R4 Series II is a full range, three-way loudspeaker system that remains one of Clair Brothers most popular cabinets. The R4-II incorporates an innovative Directional Baffle Midrange System (DBM) that creates high intelligibility. The R4-II has been en

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    $988.00 $12,346.00

    S4 System

    The CLAIR S4 Series is a revolutionary design that has stood the test of time and technology and is still a key component to the live sound industry.  This full range enclosure equipped with CLAIR custom rigging allows for quick and easy hanging. The S4 S

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    X-Line Line-Array System

    A driving force in concert sound reinforcement since its beginning, EV is dedicated to developing products that exceed the ever-higher expectations of audiences, performers, and production professionals the world over. We channel our industry?leading engi

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    $2,726.00 $350,000.00

    KF730 3-Way Line Array Module

    The KF730 line array system is optimized for a wide range of touring and installation applications. With its exceptional output to size ratio, KF730 is the ideal solution for those applications where high output potential and unmatched sound quality is re

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    $1,234.00 $54,000.00

    Ethos VA Arraying PA System

    Ethos VA is a compact vertically arraying 500w front of house PA system suited to a wide range of applications. A minimum array is composed of three boxes, with more typical configurations being composed of six to eighteen boxes. Horizontal coverage is 12

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    AXYS Scope G2 System

    The AXYS Scope G2 system, designed by JBL’s Duran Audio Group, meets the need of a wide variety of applications which include sound reinforcement for: theatre, places of worship, live music venues, night clubs, conferences and TV studios to name a few. Dr

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    Cinema Sound System

    Perfect Sound For Every Scene As captivating as a movie’s visuals may be, it’s the sound that pins audiences to their seats. Stirring, morable theme music. Spaceships zooming through the universe with lasers blasting. The roaring engines and squealing tir

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    M12T System

    The M12T is a compact and very powerful full range speaker with a 12" woofer and a 2" compression driver - designed for small bands, corporate A-V work and other professional applications. Speakon NL4 with Link "SlingShot" flying sy

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