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    Behringer MULTIGATE XR1400 Audio Interactive 4-Channel Expander / Gate  4-channel expander / gate Selectable gate or expander mode IRC expander for vocals and most instruments Extremely short attack time (<10 µs) IAC (Interactive Attack Control) circu

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    COMP 500 Optical Compressor

    The Aphex COMP 500 module is an optical compressor that features an electronically balanced input and Jensen JT-11DL transformer balanced output. The optical element was designed and produced exclusively for Aphex.  The COMP 500 also features stereo linki

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    S-com 4 – 4-Channel Compressor/Gate

    The S-com 4 is a compact and versatile single-rack space device that provides four channels of high-quality dynamic processing with an Expander/Gate and Compressor/Limiter on each channel. The four channels operate independently or in stereo pairs. Its mu

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    STDB-1 Stereo Tube Direct Box

    The Demeter Tube Direct Box is the DI of choice for hundreds of studios, engineers, producers and artists the world over. The clear, warm quality of the Tube Direct enables it to maximize the sound of all types of musical instruments. Whether your applica

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    ISA 131 Vintage Compressor Limiter

    Focusrite ISA 131 Vintage Compressor Limiter

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    ANR-B Real-time Noise Reducer

    The iZotope ANR-B real-time noise reducer is your solution for eliminating invasive noise in your audio system. The ANR-B works in real time to detect and suppress steady-state noise, enhancing the intelligibility of your audio signal. Use ANR-B to greatl

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    TCL-2 Twin Topology Two-Channel Compressor/Limiter

    Millennia Media TCL-2 Twin Topology Two-Channel Compressor/Limiter.  Control Dynamics With Total Signal Integrity Two paths to perfection with Twin Topology Stereo optical compressor/limiter with unprecedented sonic purity & integrity All triode 300

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    DNS3000 Dialogue Noise Suppressor

    Designed for film production, dubbing, OB (remote) and studio noise suppression, the fully automated DNS3000 was the last of CEDAR's manually controlled dialogue noise suppressors, combining the tactile control surface of the DNS1500 with the Pro Tools in

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    Ivory 2 Series 5021

    The TL Audio 5021 provides two channels of must-have tube compression - packing in all the TL Audio first-rate quality and flexibility you'd expect - at an extremely modest price. The 5021 features both hard- and soft-knee modes, four attack and release t

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    The COMPRESSOR LIMITER 522 brings state of the industry dynamics control to a compact 500 Series format processor that is good enough to wear the MIDAS name. When used in conjunction with the LEGEND L10, L6, or other standard 500 Series rackmount chassis,

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    MDM-8L 8 Channel Limiter

    ART MDM-8L 8 Channel Limiter

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    Six-Pack 651 Multi-Channel Surround Dynamics

    The Drawmer Six-Pack represents the industry’s first dedicated multi-dynamics processor for surround mixing and continues Drawmer’s tradition of audio ‘workhorse’ products which will continue to perform time and time again - even in a rapidly changing aud

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    CL44 Compressor/Limiter

    The CL44 forges new technology ahead in four channel compressor limiters. Pro features include variable threshold, ratio, attack release, High Pass Sidechain filter and compander. The frequency dependent filter allows you to tailor the frequency range of

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    DL251 Spectral Compressor

    It is well known that compression, in its basic form, tends to remove high frequencies from any material with a wide bandwidth. This is because material usually has less energy at high frequencies than it does at low frequencies and since single band comp

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    425 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Expander

    The Symetrix 425 is a dual channel compressor/limiter/expander. The two channels may be operated in dual-mono mode, or in stereo mode. In stereo mode, both channels receive identical control signals, which minimizes image shifts caused by unequal gains in

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    Prism Series

    The Neve Prism rack with 6 Input Dynamics Modules (mic pre, compressor and gate) and 4 parametric eq's.

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    C1 2-Channel Tube Compressor

    The new C-1 compressor maintains its position as the most flexible, polished sounding high end compressor on the market today. Now featuring a spectacular raven blue 6mm CNC milled aluminium front panel, General Electric US military specification valves,

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    560A Compressor/Limiter

    The dbx 560A Compressor/Limiter offers legendary VCA-based compression in the increasingly popular 500 Series format. dbx has a much-heralded history with modular processors dating back to our 900 Series and the 560A continues that tradition. Featuring th

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    EL8 Distressor

    The Distressor is an automatic gain (or volume) control device (AGC in engineering terms) designed for pro audio (music) applications. Basically, it electronically controls the volume of just about any source in a very pleasing, and "musical" ma

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    TG1 Limiter

    The Chandler Limited TG1 is a recreation of the classic EMI TG12413 Limiter used in custom EMI and Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles from the late '60s. These rare pieces were never commercially available, and only EMI owned studios had access t

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