Communication Components

    ST200 Transmitter

    Telex model ST-200 hearing assistance transmitter. Narrow band modulation in the 72 MHz band. It is in very good condition and includes a power supply and telescoping whip antenna. It is set to Channel A (72.1 MHz) but can easily be retuned to any of the

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    HY03 Telephone Hybrid

    The analogue HY-03 telephone hybrid is the replacement for the HY-02, which for many years has set the standard as an excellent value, high quality telephone hybrid. The HY-03 retains many of the features of the HY-02 and adds some additional ones. Some o

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    ACT-707TM Bodypack

    • Durable, lightweight magnesium construction. • LCD panel displays group, channel, error code, and battery fuel gauge simultaneously. • Compact and streamline shape for easy wearing. • Impedance selectable switch for microphone or guitar, and built-in se

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    SK 100 G3 Bodypack Transmitter

    The wireless body-pack standard gets even better. Sennheiser has packed many useful features in the 158g weight of the SK 100 G3. The SK 100 G3 has an easy-to-read graphic display, infrared sync, charging contacts, cable emulation, RF mute, an intuitive m

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    P9RA Wireless Bodypack Receiver

    P9RA Wireless bodypack receiver offers premium features for use with the PSM 900 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System. Includes MixMode channel separation, digital stereo encoder, RF Scan, Automatic Gain Control, and selectable high-frequency EQ boost. Fe

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    P10R+ Diversity Bodypack Receiver

    Shure’s P10R+ is a low-profile, diversity bodypack receiver for use with the PSM® 1000 Personal Monitor System. The P10R+ twin-antenna diversity Bodypack Receiver brings personal monitoring to its highest level yet, putting category-leading audio quality,

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    CC-400 Double Ear Headset

    CC-400 Double-ear standard headset High quality dynamic cardioid microphone High ambient-noise attenuation headphones Microphone: 300Hz – 20kHz frequency response Headphone: 40Hz – 20kHz frequency response Cushioned with soft leatherette padding Flexible

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    HBP-2X Beltpack

    The HBP-2X is a full-duplex 2-channel digital partyline beltpack that can carry power and audio over a single cable. Each beltpack has the ability to select up to two of the available channels and program feeds on the system, each with individual control.

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    APS4 Antenna Power Splitter

    The APS4 is a wide-band UHF active Antenna and Power Splitter that can feed up to 4 receivers with the RF signal coming from one pair of antennas and also supplies power to all connected receivers via BNC cables. The splitter operates in an extended frequ

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    CS3 CU 50 Chairman Microphone Station

    The CS3 CU chairman unit is a microphone station with two operating modes. In “priority call” mode, the user can manually mute all connected delegate stations. In “next in line” mode the CS3 CU automatically activates the next delegate station in the wait

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    CS3BU Conference Base Unit

    The CS3 BU is the base unit for the CS3 conference system and provides all the necessary inputs and outputs to manage a conference for up to 60 microphone stations. It is the interface to all audio devices in a meeting room and offers a RS232 interface to

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    SK 300 G3 Bodypack Transmitter

    While it is ready for operation right out of the box, the SK 300 G3 easily receives settings from the receiver via its enhanced wireless sync function. This transmitter also sets itself apart from others due to its unparalleled mute options. If you want t

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    Find various Beltpacks here.  See individual listings for details.

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    UH400TM Frequency Agile Plug-On UHF Transmitter

    This plug-on transmitter is an advanced design that has evolved since the first models appeared in the late 1980’s serving ENG applications at television stations across the USA. In the mid-1990’s, the first UHF versions became available and the use of pl

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    MM400C UHF Body-Pack Transmitter

    The Lectrosonics MM400C improves on the original M400 by incorporating a waterproof On/Off/Mute reed switch and non-detachable antenna. The switch is removable to avoid accidental switching caused by the talent. The MM400C transmitter is a UHF body-pack t

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    DH30 Digital Phone Interface

    With the variety of telephone systems in the world today, from cellular to digital to analog, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have all callers sound the same on-air. To help bring uniformity and high quality sound to a broadcast talk show environ

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    Model 41 Interface

    The Model 41 is designed to create broadcast-standard IFB outputs from line-level audio sources. The unit's primary application is to interface analog outputs associated with digital matrix intercom systems with broadcast IFB user devices. The Model 41 cr

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    UR5 Portable Diversity Receiver

    The UR5 is a premium portable wireless receiver component, designed to provide Shure UHF-R-class technology, performance, and quality for professional broadcast and media production applications. Featuring wide-band frequency tuning, hands-on navigation,

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    WS200 Main Station

    The ASL Wireless Intercom allows simple, reliable expansion of a wired intercom system for greater flexibility in applications where user mobility is of paramount importance. ASL wireless systems are short-to medium range and can be configured using 1- or

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    AXT900 Rackmount Charging Station

    The Shure AXT900 Rackmount Charging Station provides a touring-ready battery charging and storage solution with networked visibility of all battery status parameters. Configurable for up to 8 bodypack or handheld batteries, the AXT900 delivers detailed st

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