Power Conditioners

    Rackmount Pro A/V Power Solutions

    Find various Furman Rackmount Pro A/V Power Solutions.  See individual listings for item specific details. Classic Series Classic Series models provide advanced features such as SMP Surge Protection, EVS Protection, Linear Filtering Technology, pull-out L

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    UPS System OR700

    A rackmount UPS with line interactive topology, the CyberPower Smart App LCD OR700LCDRM1U provides battery backup (using simulated sine wave output) and surge protection for department servers, workgroup servers, workstations, network devices, and telecom

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    Standby UPS Battery Backup

    Designed for small office and home office applications, a desktop UPS system provides protection against power problems such as blackouts, brownouts, surges and line noise interference. Available with capacities ranging from 300VA to 1.4kVA Most models i

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    Power Strip

    Find various Power Strips here. See individual listings for details.

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    Industrial Power Strips

    Convenient and cost-effective Waber-by-Tripp Lite power strips for powering tools, machines, computers and lighting in industrial environments. For heavy-duty use, choose a power strip with a metal housing Tripp Lite power strips are covered by a lifetim

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    Premium Isobar Surge Protectors

    Premium Isobar Surge Protectors are trusted by over 20 million users worldwide. Metal housings provide durability, while isolated filter banks prevent line noise interference among devices. Advanced protection for PCs, servers and home electronics Availa

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    AR-2330D Power Conditioner

    The 30 amp AR-2330D AC line voltage regulator is primarily intended to protect projection, video, and computer equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities-sags, brownouts, or over voltages that can cause sensitive equipment to malfunc

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    CN15MP Contractor Series 15A MiniPort

    Furman CN-15MP Delivering SmartSequencing outside of the equipment rack, with remote relay. Furman’s Contractor Series MiniPorts extend the benefits of SmartSequencing to electronics outside of the equipment rack, providing tremendous flexibility to

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    CN1800S 15A SmartSequencing Power Conditioner

    Furman CN-1800S SmartSequencing with advanced AC protection and noise filtration. Designed for Commercial A/V Installers, the CN-1800S combines robust control capabilities via SmartSequencing Technology, advanced AC protection, AC noise filtration,

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    Watt Box WB-200-2 Power Conditioner

    Whether it's a structured wiring can, flat panel TV or cabinet - the WB-200-A power conditioner provides premium surge protection and noise filtration to two outlets. And don't let its size fool you. It's outside is just as rugged as the protection it off

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    APC Preset Control Wall Stations with Power Hub & Star Hub

    The APC Architectural Panel Control system provides a simple solution for integrating architectural and theatrical lighting control into a single system. The APC panels incorporate a clean, low profile design that will blend into any environment. APC comp

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    TRC400 400 Watt Line Transformer

    The TRC400 is a 400 Watt line transformer used to step down the voltage and impedance of "constant voltage" audio distribution lines to the voltage level and impedance required by loudspeakers. It can also be used to step up the voltage of an am

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    UPS / Surge Eliminator / Power Conditioner

    SurgeX UPS / Surge Eliminator / Power Conditioner SU-1000-Li • 1000 VA Line Interactive UPS Surge Eliminator • Credenza Friendly, only 10.5” deep • Eliminates surge energy without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode

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    PL-PlusD II Power Conditioner with Digital Voltage Meter

    An advanced Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) circuit provides rock-solid, maintenance-free extreme surge suppression with zero ground contamination thanks to Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT). A laboratory accurate digital meter on the front panel pro

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    PL-PLUS Power Conditioner and Light Module

    Model PL-PLUS is an enhanced version of the PL-8, offering improved noise fi ltering and an AC voltmeter. The 20 LED bar-graph voltmeter reads from 90 to 128 volts in 2-volt steps. The normal range voltages are indicated in green, with moderately and extr

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    PROwatt SW Power Inverter

    The PROwatt SW Series feature True Sine-Wave AC output with 540, 900 and 1800 continuous watts respectively. With high surge capability, the PROwatt SW Series provides the necessary current to startup demanding electrical loads such as variable speed powe

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    PD9LV Conditioned Power Distribution

    ETA’s line of Conditioned Power Distribution units are designed to prevent electrical damage to sensitive electronic equipment from high amplitude/short duration spikes, random surges, and EMI/RFI noise, which is inherent in utility power lines. Power lin

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    AR-20 II Voltage Regulator

    The AR-20 II delivers a stable stream of AC power to protect equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities such as sags, brownouts, or over-voltages - all of which can cause sensitive electronic equipment to malfunction or sustain damag

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    Watson 110V Electronic Fixture Power Management

    The increasing use of LED based fixtures for theatrical and entertainment lighting requires new techniques for delivering data and power to the fixtures. Leprecon 'Watson' Power Management provides a simple and compact solution for installing, powering an

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    Misc Power Supplies

    Find various power supplies here. See individual listings for more details.

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