Strip/Border Lights

    COLORrail IRC IP

    COLORrail IRC IP is an outdoor-rated version of the COLORrail IRC and shares the outstanding features of its indoor counterpart, including 320 LEDs and built-in infrared technology.  Highlights Outdoor-rated multicolor strip light designed for any tempo

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    Mega Tri 60

    The Mega Tri 60 Professional Indoor Lighting set brings to you the ability to make your shows really light up the night. Made for professional indoor venues the Mega Tri 60 by American DJ brings vibrant three color mixing with no RGB shadows designed for

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    Krypton 10 (Kr 10)

    The Krypton 10 (Kr 10) is the most versatile matrix to be introduced to the lighting industry. With its pre programmed built in programs or the option of independent modular option, the Kr 10 creates a new type of lighting system. Full 10 channel pixel ma

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    SOLO Dimmable Fluorescent Light

    Robert Juliat's Solo and Quadri dimmable fluorescents offer a unique system – with no equivalent on the market – of smooth dimming from 0% to 100%. Enhanced by the outstanding 7,500-step smoothing function of the Digitour fluo dimmer pack, there is no fli

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    Glass Roundel

    Find various Stand Glass Roundels here. See individual listings for details.

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    Sunstrip 2

    This is the bigger brother of the Sunstrip 1, a 700 Watt blinder for 20 x MR-11 12V-35W lamps (2000 hours). 2 x 50 mm side-pipes for assembly and 2 floorstands are included. Lamp: 20 x MR11 12V/35W (not included - see option for price with lamps) Dimensi

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    The latest addition to the Elidy range, the Elidy-Strip, is an LED striplight composed of either 5 or 15 LEDs. It incorporates all the technology and functionality of the Elidy panels but with a few revolutionary new developments. An accelerometer-based-s

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    Representing a timeless merger between retro and new technology is the Jarag. It provides a complete range of originally shaped projectors and accessories specially conceived to give a broad spectrum of visual eects with unlimited scope for setting

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    MR16 Mini Strip

    MC Lights MR-16 Mini Strip.

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    Europe 2000W

    EUROPE for Stage Lighting The Ultimate in Light Output

    DN205 10°-22° Zoom Profile with Condenser Optics with: • 2 zoom lenses and condenser optics • low noise fan • GY16 lampholder • Set of 4 beam shaping shutters with heat insulated handles • 2 m powe

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    LED Bars FOS 100 DYNAMIC

    TYPE: - Multiple LED lighting fixture - Bar for indoor or outdoor application

    FEATURES: - Extruded aluminum dissipating body - Steel screws and temperated glass - Full Colour LEDs lighting sources - Available with different l

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    10 Cell MR16 Strip Light

    This fixture has been designed for toning, fill or cyclorama lighting when a general wash of light is needed. Each compartment holds 2 MR16 lamps and one color frame. (10 compartments and 10 colors on Lite Strip 20 lamps, 5 compartments and 5 colors on Li

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    4 Circuit Mini-Strip Light

    L&E's Mini-Strip™ has been referred to as the Rolls Royce™ of MR-16 striplights.  You can use the UL edition of our popular Mini-Strip™ to do more than you did with the original.  Now you can use them in even tighter spaces than before - they have the

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