Scenic/Projections Effects

    VSFX Drive Unit

    DMX controlled effects disc system Evolution of the classic optical effects disc, with DMX control of speed and direction. The VSFX disc sits on the front of an effects projector lantern (e.g. Patt.252, Cadenza EP, Toccata EP), with an objective lens in f

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    Dominator 6600

    The Dominator 6600 becomes in absolute the most powerful (6600W) unit among the outdoor multirays effects. Its exceptional power make it visibile to longer distances also under unfavourable atmospheric conditions (like dry and clean air). Its effect consi

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    This effect projector is fully DMX controllable; projects tightly focussed flower effects and other graphic effects; offers original gobo designs; includes a parabolic mirror reflector that rotates in both directions; a combined gobo/colour wheel with 14

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    The FUNKY comes with a parabolic multi-colour mirror reflector and an effect-wheel creating a multi-colour flower effects; both reflector and effect-wheel have variable speed rotation in both directions; a strobe effect and 0-100% digital dimming; a power

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    The HIP-HOP comes with additional front 3-coloured triangular prism module for even more stunning effects; fully DMX controllable!; projects tightly focused flower effects and other graphic effects; offers original gobo designs; includes a parabolic mirro

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    Giant Fire

    With a 1,4 m or 2,5 m high flame, the MBN Giant Fire are the biggest effects of the MBN Fire Effect product range. A really breathtaking mega flame without the use of a real fire makes unique applications possible. By using 5 lamps MR 16 for MBN Giant Fir

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    Stage Rain Curtain System

    Find various rain curtain systems here. See individual listings for details.

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    RevoPRO Dual Programmable Rotator

    Reflected water, flickering fire, gentle rain, blowing clouds, swaying trees, rippling waves, shimmering light, exploding fireworks, spiraling tornadoes, twinkling stars, morphing textures, spinning logos, eye-catching signage. This is just part of an end

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    SHARK 575 Gobo Projector

    SYLVANIA MSR 575 lamp of 49.000 lumens or OSRAM HSD 575 lamp of 45.000 lm, length of time: 6000 h. Compare to a halogen projector of 2500 W. Suitable for projection on surfaces of any kind, such as building facades or walls, indoor and outdoor. Perfect fo

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    Image Pro 300 II Gobo Image Projector

    Features  • High output gobo projector  • Excellent optics  • Extruded aluminum body  • Multi-position steel hanging bracket  • 2 x 24V AC self-powered guides for accessories  • Forced air ventilation with axial fan Lamps  • HTI 300 W/DEL (85V/300W 3000hr

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    V.I.P. 300 DIA

    V.I.P. V.I.P. 300 DIA is a modular system with a 300W lamp for fixed and moving projections. It is designed to project slides and other effects using special accessories.

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    MasterSpin Gobo Rotator

    The MasterSpin is a double gobo rotator delivering kinetic, and often spectacular, lighting effects simply by counter- rotating two gobos simultaneously at specific selectable speeds. This device accepts up to two size E (37.5 mm) patterns of steel, glass

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    Sniper 2R Effects Projector

    Fast, precise and powerful the new Sniper 2R is a revolutionary new hybrid effects projector, scanner and laser simulator which features new lamp technology, the MSD Platinum 2R Lamp at 132 Watts / 6,000 hours. Capable of producing powerful and precise be

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    Kreios G1 Image Projector

    Whether in the retail trade, at exhibitions or in restaurants, bars and clubs – numerous application fields call for exceptional advertising that attracts attention and is versatile. The 1.5 kg lightweight LED image projector KREIOS G1 offers this opportu

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