Replacement Lamps

    Projector Lamp

    Find various Epson Projector Lamps here.  See individual listings for item specific details.

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    Replacement Lamps/Bulbs

    Replacement Lamps/Bulbs from American DJ.  See individual listings for item specific details.

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    ZB-MSD Platinum 2R Replacement Lamp

    132W 90V 6000HR 8,000K MSD Philips Platinum 2R Replacement Lamp

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    ZB-MSD Platinum 16R Replacement Lamp

    American DJ ZB-MSD Platinum 16R - 330W 90V 1500HR 8,000K MSD Platinum 16R Replacement Lamp. 

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    $338.00 $338.00

    MSR1200FF Fast Fit Discharge Lamp

    Elation ZB-MSR1200FF 1400W Philips Fast Fit Discharge Lamp for Design 1400 Series.

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    MSR Platinum (Touring/Stage) Lamp

    MSR Platinum (Touring/Stage) Lamp

    High beam intensity, high brightness Freedom to create smaller and lighter fixtures High perceived brightness Easy and fast lamp replacement A long and reliable lifetime

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    MSD Platinum (Touring/Stage) Lamps

    The MSD Platinum lamps open up new levels of creative freedom in entertainment lighting, with powerful, compact and brilliantly intense light. Their compact, lightweight design provides the freedom to create smaller, lighter luminaires – for use at any lo

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    RSL T8 4ft LED Tube

    RSL T8 4ft. Lamp Series

    Features: All RSL T8 lamps are line voltage direct without secondary power supplies or ballasts.

    For Use In: Commercial, industrial and residential applications

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    BR30 LED Lamp

    BR30 650 Series • Direct replacement for 65-watt incandescent lamps • Available in 2700k colour temperature • Dimmable • Lasts up to 20 times and uses up to 79% less energy than incandescent lamps • Manufactured to ANSI standards • Rated for damp location

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    iW MR Lamp

    IntelliWhite™ iW MR is a compact lamp designed to retrofit into standard MR16 fixtures and sockets. It is well suited for use with tracks, rails, cables and pendants in interior architectural, retail, exhibit, display, and residential applications. The la

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    BTN 750w Lamp

    BTN 750w Lamp

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    HMI 6000 W Lamp

    HMI Lamp, double ended, 6000 W/XS 4050300304137. Average Rated Life (HR): 500 Base: S25.5  Bulb: HMI Color Temperature (CCT) (K): 6000 Current (A): 55 Diameter d (in): 2.13 Diameter d (mm): 54 Electrode Gap (cold) (mm): 21 Length l1 Max.(in): 17.72 Length

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    HMI 6000 W SE/XS Lamp

    HMI 6000 W SE/XS HMI | Metal halide lamps, single-ended

    Areas of application - Film and television recording in daylight conditions, in the studio or outdoors - Film and TV production (high-wattage lamps) - Stage (lighting for dramatic effect) - Enterta

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    HBL2311BK Twist Lock Plug

    HBL2311BK Twist Lock Plug from Hubbell.

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