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    DragonFly Flame System

    The DragonFly system is an economical solution for applications that require a large flame effect up to 30 feet high!

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    TBF Spraymaster

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    EFX Plus2

    The EFX Plus2 is a major concept in moving effects projectors. Using the output of an ETC Source Four™ ellipsoidal, the EFX Plus² produces effects required for today's demanding special effects needs. The EFX Plus² brings linear effect projection into the

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    ColorSource Relay

    The ColorSource Relay is the answer: a low-cost and revolutionary wireless power control solution that switches power and easily transmits DMX to remote or hard-to-reach places in any space. It’s ideal for small- to medium-sized venues like community cent

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    SW300 Snow Machine

    Antari continues its commitment to produce the most innovative and reliable snow effects on the market with the new SW-300. The SW-300 can blanket an extremely wide coverage area with an incredibly realistic snow effect all thanks to Antari’s patented noz

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    WaveLight WVL-1 Water Ripple Effect

    The WaveLight is a projector that creates a realistic water rippling effect on walls.

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    Abyss USB

    Abyss USB simulates a pleasing multicolored water effect that shines through any environment with or without fog using upgraded, high power LEDs. It can be controlled wirelessly via master/slave or DMX thanks to its D-Fi USB compatibility. A dichroic colo

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    BOB LED Simulated Flame Effect Light

    BOB LED is the market’s leading simulated flame effect light, but generates no heat. This LED powered, duty-cycle free fixture perfectly simulates a flickering cauldron. BOB LED can either stand on included legs or hang from an included chain.

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    Bubble King B550

    The CHAUVET DJ Bubble King is the largest name in bubble effects, featuring 3 double wands, a manual bubble button, and extremely high output. When you need bubbles for a large area, or complete bubble coverage of an area, this is as good as it gets.

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    B250 Bubble Machine

    The CHAUVET DJ B-250 is CHAUVET DJ’s mid-level bubble machine, designed for larger areas, where portability remains a top need. It features an all plastic construction to prevent rust and lower weight, with an easily removable fluid tank. This unit is a m

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    UV Paint

    Find various Elation/Antari UV Paints here.  See individual listings for details.

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    FreezeJet CO2 Jet

    Le Maitre's FreezeJet is a CO2 jet capable of generating a blast of freezing fog in columns of 30 to 40ft that disappear instantly when switched off. The CO2 jet can be set to fire at different angles by adjustment of the nozzle. A 25ft hose is fitted as

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    Bubble Storm

    The Bubble Storm is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to create a fun or artistic effect on stage or at a performance. It’s very easy to use, just pour in the bubble fluid and turn on the switch. The bubbles Storm creates hundreds of bubbles per

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    Bubble Storm LED

    The Bubbles Storm LED is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to create a fun or artistic effect on stage or at a performance. It’s very easy to use, just pour in the bubble fluid and turn on the switch. The bubbles Storm LED creates hundreds of bub

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    C300 Cleaning Solution

    Antari C-300 is a cleaning solution that you can use to clean and maintain Antari fog and snow machines. Using it properly and regularly can give you the best performance and the longest lifetime of products.

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    W101 Wireless Bubble Machine

    This handy party-goer is equipped with the "Double Bubble Wheel" designed to produce a solid, plentiful amount of bubbles continuously. The W-101´s reservoir holds 1-liter of bubble liquid that will keep making bubbles for up to 2 hours continuo

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    Sparkular Cold Spark Machine System

      SPARKULAR is the first cold spark fountain machine,adopting brand-new control system and standard DMX Control to realize multiple stage special effects.  Model? BT01/BT02 Dimension? 200×215×285 mm Weight? 8.5 kg Input? 220 VAC (BT01) /110 VAC (BT02), 5

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    Find various Searchlights here. See individual listings for details.

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    B200T Bubble Machine

    The Antari B-200T is a high output bubble machine featuring four "Double Rotating Bubble Wheels" and a large fluid reservoir which can generate massive and continuous volumes of bubbles. Designed with lighting designers, large night clubs and th

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    Gobo Pack

    Find High End Systems Gobo Packs here. See individual listings for details.

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