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    DMX Iris

    Our DMX iris is a simple way of motorizing your lighting fixture so it can change beam spreads as an effect in your show.  You could have a gobo that is revealed as you open the iris, or just change the size of a pool of light on stage.  Our DMX Iris is based on […]

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    P2 Hexaline

    Portman Lights P2 Hexaline

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    Electronic Ballast 1.8kW/1.2kW/575W V3

    Filmgear Electronic Ballast 1.8kW/1.2kW/575W V3 Identity No. B518PEX3 (300Hz, DMX) B518PNX3 (300Hz) Max. Power: 1,980VA                                                      Input Voltage: 90 - 125V AC 180 - 250V AC Input Current: 11 - 8A @180 - 250V

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    Following the series of retro style lighting, the picklePATT is the new cute compact addition to our tungsten classic family. It is the second fixture, made in collaboration with lighting designer Tim Routledge, which combines traditional aesthetics and m

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      Luminex Outdoor Access Point.

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    A2000H 2kW Tungsten Balloon Light

    A2000H  "balloonlamp"   envelope diameter: 80cm,  optimum operating height: 2,2-5meter,  average set up time: 8minute,  number of lamp: 1,  type of lamps: tungsten,  power of lamps: 2.000W,  voltage: 230VAC,  power cabel: 3G1.5,  average lamp li

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    XMT-350 RDM Controller / DMX Tester

    The XMT-350 is a compact and modern RDM Controller and DMX tester. RDM-enabled devices can be monitored and controlled with the XMT-350. For example, the DMX addresses can be set remotely. The XMT-350 automatically detects and lists all reachable RDM devi

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    DP1 Imager Kit

    The DP1 Imager offers the greatest versatility with a spring loaded accessory slot to accept a wide range of imaging accessories.

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    CineBall T2000 Lantern Light

    Even and soft light source The CineBall T2000 is a soft tungsten light having an overall look similar to a China ball fixture used by photographers / videographers and filmmakers to fill an entire shooting scene with even, soft light. The whole effect of

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    CineBall T1000 Lantern Light

    Even and soft light source The CineBall T1000 is a soft tungsten light having an overall look similar to a China ball fixture used by photographers / videographers and filmmakers to fill an entire shooting scene with even, soft light. The whole effect of

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    Patt 2013

    Patt 2013 is the first in a series of retro style lighting – designed specifically to further the current trend for tungsten eye-candy on stage and set - for bands, television, film and general prop lighting.  Lighting fixtures can be more than just a pra

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    FS-6C Color-Changing Adapter

    The FS-6C is a color-changing adapter designed to be compatible with multiple ADJ Followspot systems. Instead of using separate color gels to achieve the desired results, this adapter allows you to choose between red, blue, green, and yellow filters to ac

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    X Ceramic 250 Flood Light

    The Arri X Ceramic 250 stand mount fixture employs the Ceramic ST 250HR discharge lamp, which produces 3200° Kelvin light. It produces almost the same light output as a conventional 1K floodlight, but consumes only 25% of the power. This fixture may be to

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    Tempo 3 Floodlight 400W HQI

    Tempo is a complete floodlighting range offering a wide choice of lamp types and symmetrical and asymmetrical reflectors. It is designed for general-purpose floodlighting, and is particularly suited to small- to medium-scale area or surface lighting. The

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    Strand Lighting Profile Spotlight

    Excellent light output, superb distribution and the smoothest soft edge while maintaining beam size. Sharp gobo, edge and shutter focus. Very compact and narrow with the smallest dimensions in their category. Easy to use and maintain with many features fo

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    Stageblinder PAR 36

    Blinder for lamps PAR36 DWE, used on stages or events as blinder flash. Available in the versions with 2,4 or 8 lamps. It can use the lamps PAR36 250W 120V DWE or the PAR36 650W 28V for the blinder 8 lamps. It is sold without electrical wirinng, available

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    Mini Multipar 375

    A new addition in the Multipar range is the Mini multipar 375. The Mini multipar 375 is available in two different versions. The Mini multipar 375 is equipped with a standard E27 socket and fits all conventional Par 20 and Par 30 lamps up to 100W. For fix

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    Profile GKV 600

    Profile GKV 600 Specifications: Max power: max 600W Lamp socket: G9,5 (gkv/hpl) Max working temperature: 210°C Min working distance: 2mt Dimensions: 270 x 270 x 570mm Weight: 6kg Code and Model  Cod: SG#20190201 PROFILE GKV 600W 19° SILVER Cod: SG#20190

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    Moonlight 750 Profile

    The Profile allows you to project any shape or gobo. The Profile is available in four different angles and with a fixed beam of 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°. You can use a HPL 575 or a GKV 600W lamp to have a light output of a common light bulb 1000W. The rugged di

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    Krypton 25 (Kr 25)

    The Krypton 25 (Kr 25) is the most versatile matrix to be introduced to the lighting industry.  With it's pre programmed built in programs or the option of independant modular option, the Kr 25 creates a new type of lighting system. Full 25 channel pixel

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