Sensor3 ThruPower Module (TR20SAF)

    BY : ETC In : Dimming

    ETC Sensor3 ThruPower Module (TR20SAF)

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    $575.00 $575.00

    Rack 6 Portable Lighting Control Dimmer

    BY : Zero 88 In : Dimming

    Rack 6 is a compact 2U 19” rack mounting digital dimmer which offers one of the most cost effective dimming solutions available. The Rack 6 range comprises a wide variety of socket variants according to regional requirements including Schuko, French, UK 1

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    ACTOR 716

    BY : Electron In : Dimming

    The ACTOR 716 is another member of the Actor family.  The Dimmer Pack is of compact and robust construction. It combines high quality and reliability.  The unit is designed for 19” rack mounting (3U high) in fixed installations or touring racks. The dimme

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    $499.00 $499.00

    Eurorack 50 plus

    BY : ADB In : Dimming

    Eurorack 50 combines high quality with low cost and above average performance and is intended for general purpose applications in stage and architectural lighting, whenever space, cost and reliability are the prime considerations. The standard Eurorack 50

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    $120.00 $120.00

    Digital Dimmer Rack

    BY : MA Lighting In : Dimming

    The special sturdy MA dimmer racks are delivered with two, three or four MA Digital Dimmer units of different capacities, and are all equipped with an integrated power distribution (CEE or Powerlock) including all required RCD and main circuit breakers. F

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    DMX-4 DMX Dimmer/Relay Pack

    BY : Chauvet DJ In : Dimming

    It’s a 4-channel dimmer/relay pack providing DMX control for on/off or dimming to units not equipped with DMX on their own. The fixture is optimized for use with small LED fixtures to prevent ghosting and flickering. Each of the 4 sets of outlets (duplex)

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    Alex M 2.5 kVA Dimming

    BY : ETC In : Dimming

    2.5 kVA thyristor power modules for dimming a variety of loads Alex M 2.5 kVA is a compact, rack-mountable unit that provides simple dimming of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads, which can be controlled using a lighting control console (DMX512 or

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    $1,889.00 $1,889.00

    Sensor Control Electronics Module (CEM)

    BY : ETC In : Dimming

    The Sensor Control Electronics Module (CEM) receives and manages up to two DMX512 inputs, controls dimmer output, and communicates feedback information to compatible lighting control devices and other ETCLink peripherals. 

    $325.00 $325.00

    ART 2000i 24 x 16A + Patch

    BY : Avolites In : Dimming

    The ART2000i is designed using the knowledge gained in manufacturing tens of thousands of channels of touring dimming, this install system combines the robustness of design from a touring system with the economy of a system which does not need to move. Ca

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    DS-2 RF DMX Dimmer

    BY : Stairville In : Dimming

    Stairville DS-2 RF DMX Dimmer  1 dimmer channel, 10 A max. Output: 1 × Schuko socket Digital control system Control via DMX 512

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    $1,851.00 $1,851.00

    Digital Dimmer

    BY : MA Lighting In : Dimming

    Highest availability and practical relevance of their digital touring dimmer as well known and reliable “work horses“ made MA Lighting technology famous around the world. Controlled and monitored by a 32 Bit time processor unit which can store cue memorie

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    $1,500.00 $2,500.00

    DP-415R 4-channel Dimmer/Switch Pack

    BY : American DJ In : Dimming

    The ADJ DP-415R is a compact, portable 4-channel DMX dimmer/switch pack that has eight 3-prong 15 Amp Edison socket (2 for each channel) allowing you to be able to control up to 8 fixtures. The pack has a 4-button digital display menu and is RDM (Remote D

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    DIGIDIM 12 Dimmerpack

    BY : Showtec In : Dimming

    The DIGIDIM-12 pro is a DMX 512, 12 x 10 Ampere Digital Module Dimmerpack (3 x 32A) which incorporates a 32 bits high power microcomputer with a time processing unit and a big graphic LCD display.  Specifications Separate DMX addressing for each channel.

    $490.00 $490.00

    EKO Wallmount Installation Dimmer

    BY : LSC In : Dimming

    The EKO wallmount installation dimmer is available in 6-, 12- and 24-channel versions with a choice of output capacities. EKO dimmers incorporate a cleverly designed installation frame that can be fixed in position without the dimmer being present. Load a

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    Redback Wallmount

    BY : LSC In : Dimming

    The Redback Wallmount has been designed with flexibility in mind. Each channel can be individually configured with a minimum and maximum level, its own DMX address, fade curve and control source. This allows some channels to be used for push button contro

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    dimMA Compact RCBO Module

    BY : MA Lighting In : Dimming

    With the new and innovative digital dimming systems dimMA and dimMA compact MA Lighting combined the well-known reliability of their touring dimmers with both the MA-Net2/MA-Net network architecture and outstanding features for permanent installations. As

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    $309.00 $309.00

    516 Dimmer-Controller

    BY : Martin In : Dimming

    The Martin Professional 516 Dimmer-Controller enables the Martin range of intelligent lighting controllers to control analog lighting and smoke equipment which require a 0-10V fader control voltage. A Martin Professional 516 dimmer controller can control

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    SV Rack Control Module

    BY : Strand In : Dimming

    Strand SV Rack Control Module.

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    TDS Touring Dimmer System

    Speed and accuracy of dimmer set-ups is fundamental to today’s modern lighting environments. Pre-patching dimmers or selecting moving light power distribution prior to arriving on site, can minimize valuable set up time and optimize the number of crew req

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    MATRIX DMX PRO 4 Channel Double Output Dimmer Pack

    In : Dimming

    This new dimmer pack from Optima Lighting is similar to Chauvet DMX-4 and Eliminator ED-15, and the difference between this unit and others is that it has many functions. The unit able to work as 1, 2, or 4-channel dimmer or relay pack. This pack can serv

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