VL3500 Spot

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    The VARI*LITE® VL3500™ Spot luminaire maintains the same high standards for imagery, beam control, color and brightness set by the original VARI*LITE Series 3000™ Spot luminaires, but with the added feature of a four-blade shutter mechanism that allows th

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    ColorSpot 1200 AT Lighting Fixture

    BY : Robe In : Automated

    The ColorSpot 1200 AT is designed as the ultimate creative tool for large theatre, TV and live shows and for installations in multi-purpose venues and large clubs.The fixture uses a powerful Philips 1200 SA discharge lamp lightsource. This is further boos

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    SkyTracker® STX4’s are full motion four-headed searchlights which project four beams of light that can be seen for miles. It moves in an attention-getting “cloverleaf” pattern enabled by its unique bent shaft design. The sweeping beams not only add motion

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    BMFL WashBeam Moving Light

    BY : Robe In : Automated

    The strong-arm of the BMFL family - the superbly powerful BMFL WashBeam comes with extra bright output and an abundance of great features, e.g newly developed framing shutters, super wide front lens and animation wheel.  The BMFL WashBeam will enhance any

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    Alpha Profile 800 ST

    BY : Clay Paky In : Automated

    The Alpha Profile 800 ST is the most modern moving beam shaper in existence today for use in the most demanding lighting sectors. Clay Paky has used highly sophisticated micromechanics to obtain a compact, light, silent unit with an extremely bright light

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    Alpha Profile 700 ST

    BY : Clay Paky In : Automated

    The Alpha Profile 700 is the only 700 watt automated spotlight with framing system available on the market. Focal distances have been optimised for an effective framing of well focused patterns, with triangles and quadrangles of all shapes and sizes. Prog

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    Compact, light, very silent, easy to install and extremely bright (16,000 lux [15°] at 5m), with superior graphic and optical performances, it is the most complete “spot” in its category. 10°-40° Zoom, CMY, 8+1 Color wheel, 15 Gobos (8 fixed and 7 rotatin

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    ALPHA SPOT 300

    BY : Clay Paky In : Automated

    With the same optical, lighting engineering and constructional qualities as the Alpha Spot HPE 300, it is ideal for the most essential applications with contained investment levels. It is fitted with two 8+1 color wheels combinable together, 15 Gobos (8 f

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    CityColor CC1800/C

    BY : Studio Due In : Automated

    CityColor 1800/C belong to the CityColor wash light fixture line with a lower power. The main difference is the use for this version of the 1800W metal halide lamp. For the aesthetical appearance, the product is equal to the 2500W version. Through the use

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    Servo BWS 20R

    BY : StarWay In : Automated

    Servo BWS 20R is the perfect alliance between an automatic Beam, Wash and Spot (BWS). It is equipped with an OSRAM Sirius HRI 440W lamp, allowing it to obtain a lighting of 120 000 lux at 20m in Beam mode (2°), thanks to its high quality optics. Servo BWS

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    Servo Color 4K

    BY : StarWay In : Automated

    Servo Color 4K is an RGBW wash luminaire, equipped with 19 x 15W LEDs. Very fast and powerful, it also features a new specific color mixing system and an optimized lens with a fast zoom from 10 to 48°.

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    $2,958.25 $2,958.25

    Servo Beam 2R

    BY : StarWay In : Automated

    Servo Beam 2R is equipped with an OSRAM Sirius HRI 132W lamp, providing a light intensity of 55 000 lux at 15m. Servo Beam 2R is also equipped with a color wheel of 14 colors + white, 7 fixed gobos + open and a rotating 8-facet prism. The lens of Servo Be

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    PRO2 Colour Changer

    BY : Rainbow In : Automated

    The PRO2 Colour Changer suits all larger luminaires up to 2.5 kW with a front aperture of up to 266 mm. The Colour Changer is mounted to the luminaire using two horizontal and two vertical adjustable hooks, which can be set to ten different standard sizes

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    LightSky s500 Hybrid

    Six Lights in one Fixture! Three different power settings for the Osram HRI 330w lamp (280w, 330w, or 350w) all adjustable from the controller, and it's a beam, spot and a wash. 6 in 1... The LightSky S500 Hybrid is a revolution in live event intelligent

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    BMFL LightMaster Side/Rear

    BY : Robe In : Automated

    BMFL LightMaster is an accessory of externally mounted programmable followspot handles with a control panel and two individual faders that allow you to create quality followspot from any of the Robin BMFL fixtures you already have on site. Available in ei

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    $1,600.00 $1,600.00

    Hydro Beam X1

    The ADJ Hydro Beam X1 is an IP65 rated professional moving head fixture with a 100W Osram Sirius HRI, 6,000 hour, discharge lamp that produces a razor sharp 3-degree beam. Its compact sizes offers quick movement.   With robust construction and IP65-rating

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    Hepikos Beam-Wash Light

    BY : Clay Paky In : Automated

    Hepikos is an innovative Claypaky beam-wash light, which encloses all the most advanced optical, mechanical and electronic technology, in its highly compact body. The light is built around a bright 440W Osram lamp, and features a 5-40° zoom which provides

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    DMX Winch

    BY : Other In : Automated

    KINETIC LIGHTS offers a wide range of steel wire and powered cable DMX winches for a variety of art, interior, stage, show and event lifting and lighting applications. The primary use of our high precision hoists is the synchronized spatial choreography o

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    Gobo Zoom USB

    BY : Chauvet DJ In : Automated

    Gobo Zoom USB is a super compact gobo projector with a manual zoom, and wireless connectivity in master/slave and DMX mode, thanks to its embedded D-Fi USB compatibility. Gobo Zoom USB includes 10 wedding-ready gobos. Gobo Zoom USB can be controlled witho

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    LightDome 1200

    BY : Robe In : Automated

    The Robe LightDome 1200 enables Robe 700/1200 AT Series fixtures to be used in outdoors installations in any type of weather. It is made from special transparent non-flamable PVC-P film, with an IP 43 protection factor. All the effects of the Robe fixture

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