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    Scan 250

    DMX-512 Professional Scanner 4 DMX Channels 4 Digit LED display Self test & stand alone settings 11 colors + white 9 gobos + spot Strobes in every color Linable via XLR Cable High luminous parabolic reflector system 19º Beam Angle (great for low ceilings) Manual Focus Color & Gobo Scroll Gobo Shake Effect Master/slave Operation […]

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    HY B-EYE K15

    The B-EYE has revolutionized the way we think of LED show lighting. Its innovative optical unit enhances the uniformity and efficiency of the light output. The rotating front lens and the possibility to control each single LED individually have made spectacular kaleidoscopic projections and charming eye candy effects possible. A sophisticated effect engine has made it […]

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    VL1100 LED

    BY : Varilite In : LED Sources

    The new VL1100 LED delivers high-quality light and consistent color reproduction, the lighting designer’s first true alternative to traditional tungsten source in a moving head fixture. A perfect ‘tungsten’ color shift and an innovative hybrid cooling system smoothly optimize the balance between light output and noise.  Exclusive low-energy Vari-Lite LED engine Color reproduction consistent with […]

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    S-4 Fresnel LED Light

    BY : SGM In : LED Sources

    The S-4 Fresnel is an accurate and fully calibrated LED light with superb color mixing and very low power consumption; ideal for the broadcast, theatrical, and stage industry, where high quality lighting is essential. The S-4 Fresnel comprises red, green, blue, amber, and mint LEDs that mix directly in the light source. The optical system […]

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    G-Spot Turbo LED Moving Head

    BY : SGM In : LED Sources

    The G-Spot Turbo is a high-brightness LED moving head based on an optimized additive color mixing to match the highest demands of color rendering and total output. The integrated dehumidifier of the G-Spot Turbo ensures perfect inner cleanness of the luminaire and no accumulation of dust or externally induced particles on internal optics, gobos or […]

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    G-7 Spot LED Moving Head

    BY : SGM In : LED Sources

    The G-7 Spot is the quintessence of IP-rated moving heads. A fast, compact, and lightweight mid-sized moving head spot with high-output and low power consumption. Thanks to its white LED engine and CMY color mixing, the G-7 Spot is the perfect moving head for those who need maximum light output inside an easy-to-move luminaire. The […]

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    EASYCOLOR2 LED Moving Head

    BY : Ayrton In : LED Sources

    EASYCOLOR2 is the evolution of the very first professional LEDmoving-head EASYCOLOR. Equipped with 36 high-power Luxeon LEDs, EASYCOLOR2 allows you to attain countless numbers of rich and saturated colour-hues. The ultimate mechanical structure and stronger motors ensure theEASYCOLOR2 the most rapid and accurate movements. The use of an Electronic Power Supply allows the EASYCOLOR2 tobe […]

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    BY : Ayrton In : LED Sources

    Ayrton’s Merak-CS is a powerhouse of technology that features a proprietary 10:1 optical zoom system, combined with a 250-Watt low-etendue, RGBW multichip LED module. The 7º to 70º zoom employs light pipe technology paired with a new textured Fresnel lens design to ensure perfectly homogenous colour mixing regardless of the colour combination selected. With its […]

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    DreamPanel Shift

    BY : Ayrton In : LED Sources

    The DREAMPANEL SHIFT is the magic blend of two technologies: the continuous pan-tilt rotation of the MAGICPANEL and the new control system from the HDMI DREAMPANEL HD-BOX (patent pending). An innovative 48 circuit rotating connector has been developed to enable the smooth, undisturbed transmission of video signals through pan & tilt rotation. The DREAMPANEL SHIFT […]

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    VERSAPIX 100

    BY : Ayrton In : LED Sources

    VERSAPIX 100 is a modular LED luminaire allowing the creation of a large variety of visual effects (patent pending). It is made up of 8 independent 15-Watt RGBW modules, fitted with 45-mm optics that allow a very powerful 8° native beam. Each module has its own cooling system based on the use of a radiator […]

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    Ovation E-260WW / E-260CW

    Ovation E-260WW is powered by a single source 230 W LED that exceeds the output of a 750 W tungsten light source. This warm white ERS-style fixture boasts extremely smooth dimming down to the very bottom of the curve as well as a flat and even field of light for superior gobo projection. Control options like […]

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    impression E350

    BY : GLP In : LED Sources

    The new impression E350 is the brother of the impression S350 LED Moving Head. With its 30% brighter LED engine and very narrow iris, the fixture fits for a variety of applications. With a color temperature of 7.500K, it is able to create sharp midair eff

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    Maverick MK3 Spot

    Maverick MK3 Spot features a searing output of over 51,000 source lumens and a fully-loaded artillery of awesome effects. Its precision LED optics feature CMY + CTO color mixing and a fast 9:1 zoom ratio that maintains a flat field of focus even when full

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    LEDWASH 360 Pro

    The LEDWASH 360F is offered with specific optic system (35 degree). It's with amazing color mixing. And it’s with fast and quiet moving. The 36PCS CREE XLamp XML 10W LEDs (4-IN-1) are made into 6 sections and each section could be controlled individully.

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    Vortex i5

    The Vortex i5 is a breathtaking and imaginative stage performer that provides high performance beam and visual effects. The Vortex i5 is equipped with 7 (15w) RGBW Osram Ostar LEDs integrated in specially designed optical lens with an awesome lumen to wat

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    LightSky 1810 Beam FX

    First and foremost the LightSky 1810 Beam FX is a perfect RGBW beam-light, generating a full spectrum of color and featuring an impressive, wide 6° to 61° beam aperture. In addition, the 1810 Beam FX introduces new industry features that turn it into a st

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    BY : Ayrton In : LED Sources

    Ayrton has once again pushed the limits with a newly designed “profile” luminaire… Khamsin… squeezing a 750 W LED module into the highly compact Ghibli format, while offering 60% more light output. To make the luminaire this compact, AYRTON has completely

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    HALO RGB / HALO Driver

    BY : Robe In : LED Sources

    Halo – a new exciting dimension in led pixel lighting for stage and set. A circle of encapsulated bright micro-pixel led’s, mounted on a standard size Parcan colour frame, Halo can bring the classic fixtures back into the latest lighting designs or be use

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    BY : Robe In : LED Sources

    Building on the success of the LEDWash 1200 and Spiider‘s advanced technology, the all new Tarrantula is the most powerful LED beam/wash/effects fixture on the market. Now equipped with Robe's innovative lens coating technology which brings benefits such

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    BY : Robe In : LED Sources

    Bigger, brighter and bolder, the SuperSpikie takes the look to another level. Four times brighter than the original Spikie and with the addition of rotating gobos – this effects machine has even more looks to blast through its 165mm lens front. The Zoom i

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