Exterior Projection 1000

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    The Exterior Projection 1000 is an unparalleled, powerful tool for permanent outdoor installations to integrate textures, patterns and graphics for limitless creative exterior lighting designs. Sporting high impact and low maintenance, this advanced, IP66

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    Nightspot Gobo Projector

    Nightspot gobo projectors are designed to project sharp images and logos. The optical system can accommodate gobos (metal or glass) and colour filters simultaneously. With the help of a framer, the edges of the image can be defined and adapted to the size

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    Sports Light

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    Find various Sports Lights here. See individual listings for item specific details.

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    PIGI System

    PIGI System by ETC London Paris.

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    Inflatable Nylon Spheres

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    Spheres are our classic, elegant design that transform a large space or accent intimate areas with color and drama, day or night. Perfect for formal or chic events. Great for projections and branded messages. Temporary branding for rented Inflatables

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    Kolorado MK2 2500

    KOLORADO MK2 2500 utilizes an HMI 2500/GS lamp (Sfa 21-12 base) and shares a similar wide angle output and the CYM colour mixing system of its small brother KOLORADO MK2 1800. However it offers, with its higher light output, the ability to cover greater a

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    Design 250 Color Changer

    Aptly named, the DSN 250 model 1250PR is a newly developed state-of-the-art color changing luminaire designed for short to medium throw applications. Infinite color generation is possible thanks to a smooth dichroic subtractive CYM color mixing system. Th

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    Century 1800 HMI

    PR Lighting Century 1800 HMI, architectural lighting.

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    V.I.P 300

    The V.I.P. 300 is a top quality modular system with a 300W metal halide lamp for fixed and moving projections. It can be fitted with many accessories from our catalog for achieving a wide variety of effects. US version 120V / 60Hz.

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    Thunder Scan 6750

    Here's a practical solution for midsized moving mirror lights like the High End Trackspot Bolt.This Thunder enclosure has a clear, UV-resistant cover on the optical axis of the mirror, so you get a wide field of view with the enclosure tucked neatly again

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    White Box F-1 G4 IP65

    The W-DMX Whitebox FLEX-1 G4S Transceiver is the perfect as a single universe solution for W-DMX support in our architectural/outdoor range. Supporting both transmit and receive modes of both DMX and RDM signals, and support for both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz fre

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    WP-02 Inflatable Dome

    Inflatable Dome for Moving Head Fixtures For use with 250-1500 Watt moving heads DMX Connectors: 3 pin or 5pin DMX in/out Input: 208V-220V-230V-240V / 50Hz / 60Hz Fuse: 5T 250V 1A IP Rating: IP65 Max Ambient Temperature: 113°F/45°C DB Rating: 78DB Case c

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    AIRDOME Self Inflating Outdoor Protection Housing

    The MBN AIRDOME is a self inflating outdoor protection housing. It allows outdoor use of various spotlights (Moving Heads, Scanners, Projectors, etc.) independent from the weather. It is a perfect protection against rain, snow and dirt. Through the air ci

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    Nightwave Plat 1800 CN

    Electronic color changer suitable for outdoor and indoor theaters, multipurpose; exhibition areas, booths, show-rooms; discos, disco-pubs, entertainment places; in television studios, photographic, sound stages; inside or outside of stages, shows, events

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    Light Level Sensor Timer Mode Remote reset Lamp Control Specifications:

    Power: 117V/60Hz Colors: CYM color mixing,with crossfade effect at various speeds Shutter/Strobe: Double blade shutter for linear dimming and blackout Beam Angle: 21° Tilt

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    MP-2 Uploader

    The MP2 is a fixture software uploader and maintenance device that works together with the Martin software uploader program v.4.0 (windows 95/98 PC required). It allows you to update software and adjust settings on selected Martin fixtures remotely via th

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    EKON Projector

    Thorn Ekon HQI 400 W Projector

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    Par 64 Outdoor

    James Thomas Engineering has developed an outdoor Par lantern to IP65 rating for use with Par 64 sealed beam lamps, and with an adaptor, Par 56 sealed beam lamps. The unit features corrosion resistant fittings and a cast aluminium construction, finished i

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    ARC 575

    • Degree of protection: IP55 • Lamp MSR 575/2 discharge or MSD 575/2 • Control: 8 channels DMX 512 maximum • CMY CMY in • Ignition and extinction of the lamp via DMX or menu • Strobe (10 flashes per second) and Evanescence effect (opening and closing) • D

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    Ecodome is suited for both projection luminaires (fixtures that are capable of projecting a focused pattern) and wash luminaires (fixtures that do not project a focused pattern). The Cyberlight® automated luminaire is an example of a projection luminaire

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