CL3 Digital Mixing Console

    BY : Yamaha

    An ideal blend of compact size and channel capacity for a variety of live and installed applications. • Input channels: 64 mono, 8 stereo.• Fader configuration: 16-fader left section, 8-fader Centralogic section, 2-fader master section.• Stainless steel s

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    M7CL-48ES Digital Mixer

    The M7CL series is a digital live-sound console that carries on the digital evolution from the acclaimed PM1DV2 and PM5D consoles. It includes an impressive array of advanced concepts such as the "Centralogic™" control interface that makes it as

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    MY16-AT 16-Channel ADAT I/O Card

    Yamaha MY16-AT 16-Channel ADAT I/O Card 24bit resolution, 16-in/16-out ADAT interface (8-in/8-out at 96kHz) 4x Optical connectors

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    IM8 Mixing Console

    Solid performance and superior sound for professional applications The Yamaha IM8 series brings experience and know-how accumulated over 35 years in the production of industry-leading mixing consoles to bear in three mid-size consoles that cut no corners

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    GENOS 76 Keyboard Workstation

    Genos, the latest flagship Digital Workstation from Yamaha, is an incredibly inspiring songwriting tool as well as a powerful performance and studio instrument. Prolific Nashville songwriter, Ashley Gorley, was asked by Yamaha to spend some time working w

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    STAGEPAS 600i Portable PA System

    680-watt, portable PA system with 10-channel powered mixer, two 10" speakers, iPod/iPhone USB connection, SPX digital reverbs, an onboard feedback suppressor and versatile EQ. 680W (340W + 340W) power output Newly designed high quality speakers (LF:

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    RIVAGE PM7 Digital Mixing System

    Yamaha’s first professional live sound console, the PM200, was released more than 40 years ago. The PM series has provided fertile ground from which numerous sound reinforcement milestones have grown ever since. Many of those innovations have become bench

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    MY8-AD96 Analog Output Card

    96 kHz Compatible 8-Channel Analog Input Card Mini-YGDAI cards make it easy to add I/O in a wide variety of audio and network formats to Yamaha digital mixing consoles, processors, and power amps that are equipped with compatible card slots. Mini-YGDAI ca

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    CRX-330 CD Receiver

    Designed and built with home theater enthusiasts in mind, Yamaha introduces its versatile, space efficient CRX-330 CD Receiver. It offers superb functionality with Made for iPod Technology; the built-in dock is compatible with iPod (Click and Wheel), iPod

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    Rio1608-D2 I/O Rack

    This high-performance I/O rack features 16 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, and is compatible with Yamaha CL and QL series consoles as well as the RIVAGE PM series. The Rio1608-D2 connects directly to Dante digital audio networks, allowing flexible sys

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    Rio3224-D2 I/O Rack

    This high-capacity, high-performance I/O rack is compatible with Yamaha CL and QL series consoles as well as the RIVAGE PM series. It features 32 analog inputs, 16 analog outputs, and eight digital AES/EBU outputs. The Rio3224-D2 connects directly to Dant

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    SW218V Subwoofer

    BY : Yamaha In : Pro Audio

    The Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer gives you professional quality bass sound. Gigging bands, mobile DJs, and houses of worship helped make the first 4 generations of Yamaha Club Series Speakers incredibly popular. The refinements of generation V co

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    Club Series III Loudspeaker

    BY : Yamaha In : Pro Audio

    The redesigned, third generation of these sound reinforcement loudspeaker boasts many new features. Club Series III  Trapezoid box shape allows array arcs. Lightweight, extremely durable, carpet-covered speaker cabinet with relocated carrying handles for

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    PSL120 Power Supply Link Cable

    BY : Yamaha In : Audio Cables

    Yamaha PSL120 Power Supply Link Cable PW800W

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    SM12V Stage Monitor

    BY : Yamaha In : Monitors

    Developed and manufactured in the United States, the Concert Club series speakers have earned acclaim around the world. The new Mark V series represents a complete redesign of the previous Concert Club IV lineup, introducing three front-of-house models, t

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    SU4000 Switching Unit

    Yamaha SU4000 Switching Unit.

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    TF3 Digital Mixer

    Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixer 33 motor faders (32 channels + 1 master) 48 input mixing channels (40 mono + 2 stereo + 2 return) 20 Aux (8 mono + 6 stereo) + Stereo + Sub buses 8 DCA groups with Roll-out 32 analog XLR/TRS combo mic/line inputs + 2 analog RCA p

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    GC2020c Compressor/Limiter

    Whether you're operating in a professional recording or sound reinforcement environment, or otherwise in need of a dynamics processor, the Yamaha GC2020C is a serious contender. Two-Channel Compressor/Limiter Designed as a two-channel Compressor/Limiter,

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    MY8-LAKE Processing Card

    Lake Processing has become the de-facto standard for speaker processing in live sound applications. The MY8-LAKE is a DSP card for Yamaha digital mixing consoles, developed through close technological cooperation between Yamaha and Lake. The full power of

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    D1030 Digital Delay Line

    BY : Yamaha In : Delays

    More Performance Dynamic range over 100 dB, THD less than 0.03%, and a full 20 kHz bandwidth. Proprietary 18-bit Delta-Sigma conversion technology improves dynamic range and it also enhances low-level signal performance. More Versatility Digital equaliz

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