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    ACT-707TM Bodypack

    • Durable, lightweight magnesium construction. • LCD panel displays group, channel, error code, and battery fuel gauge simultaneously. • Compact and streamline shape for easy wearing. • Impedance selectable switch for microphone or guitar, and built-in se

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    ACT-707HM Microphone

    ACT-707HM is the culmination of MIPRO’s professionalism. ACT-707HM’s finely crafted and professionally styled housing is not the only attraction. World’s first ACT function, extremely low handling-noise and interchangeable capsule design are added to make

    $270.00 $270.00

    MA707 Portable Wireless PA System

    Since 1995, the one-piece molded enclosure and trolley MA-707 portable wireless PA has remained a market-leading system. Mass-produced and sold worldwide for 20 years as MIPRO ensures product design, craftsmanship and reliability are second to none. MA-70

    $1,124.00 $1,124.00

    MI-808T Stereo Transmitter

    MI-808 is an IEM system designed for stage performance and broadcasting. Also, it can be served as a simultaneous language interpretation system. It is frequency-agile over a 24 MHz bandwidth with 16 selectable frequencies. Advanced dual-antenna true dive

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    $2,191.47 $2,191.47

    MI-909T Digital Stereo Transmitter

    MI-909 is an industry first, professional quality digital wireless stereo IEM system. Featuring digitally encrypted technology with unparalleled digital audio performance and transmission reliability, the superior frequency response characteristics of the

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    $11,101.72 $11,101.72