UP! Complementing the Trussing products, PA Towers reflect LITEC’s constructive concepts:linear forms and modular systems.   Flyintowers, like the rest of LITEC’s product line, are the result of years of experience in design and technology.

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    End-plated – Reliable & Modular Solution Roof System

    LITEC has always been a forerunner in the search for safe and high-performance roof systems. Reliability and strength of end-plated trusses Easy to assemble and modular Use as many standard production parts as possible Particularly recommended both for t

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    QX40SA Truss

    QX40SA - Good Resistance Truss Line Description Chords A: extruded tube Ø 50x2 mm EN AW 6082 T6 Diagonals B: extruded tube Ø 20x2 mm EN AW 6082 T6 Ends C: aluminium casting plate EN AC 42200 T6 Connection systems QXFC: quick-fit kit; QXSM10: bolt connect

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