Fogger/Hazer Accessories

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    Arctic Snow Machine

    With continuous high output, covering an area approximately 6m/18ft in diameter (depending on the height it is mounted) and low fluid consumption, the Arctic Snow Machine offers unrivalled performance and reliability. Features: Quiet operation Variable s

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    Pea Souper Dry Ice Machine

    The original dry ice machine and now industry standard the Pea Souper is ruggedly constructed and portable. With straightforward operation and variable output, the Pea Souper is convenient and capable giving 5 minutes of fog production. FEATURES INCLUDE

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    Mini Mist Smoke Machine

    A robust hand held aerosol smoke machine that uses a water-based smoke fluid canister to create a thick fog effect. MiniMist is ideal for TV and film. It is also NATO codified for use in fire evacuation and breathing apparatus training by the Ministry of

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    GForce 1 Water Based Smoke Machine

    The GForce Basic and GForce DMX are the entry level models in Le Maitre’s GForce range of high powered, continuous flow, water based smoke machines, based on the core technologies of G300. It has continuous flow capability and is used with an additional r

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    The EcoHazer is an incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly hazer from Le Maitre, producing pure and long lasting haze. The EcoHazer uses just 100-150W! That’s a tenth of the consumption of other similar output machines. Using a revolutionary cer

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    FreezeJet CO2 Jet

    Le Maitre's FreezeJet is a CO2 jet capable of generating a blast of freezing fog in columns of 30 to 40ft that disappear instantly when switched off. The CO2 jet can be set to fire at different angles by adjustment of the nozzle. A 25ft hose is fitted as

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    GForce 3 Water Cased Smoke Machine

    The top end model in Le Maitre’s GForce range of high powered, continuous flow, water based smoke machines, based on the core technologies of G300. The most powerful unit in the GForce range with smoke output at 51000cbm/hr, It also has inbuilt DMX and se

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    RESCUE 300 Smoke Generator

    The RESCUE 300 is Le Maitre's high-powered smoke generator specifically for the Emergency Services. The RESCUE 300 retains all the great features of Le Maitre's flagship smoke generator, the G300, whilst simplifying all operational controls and further in

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    MVS SMART Hazer

    The MVS SMART is Le Maitre's powerful and versatile hazer featuring Internet of Things technology. Retaining all the core features of the MVS hazer, the MVS SMART includes smart control and monitoring features, allowing the user to set up and control the

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    HazeMaster is Le Maitre's most advanced and powerful hazer yet. With a massive output capacity and rugged construction,  it has been designed every step of the way for the road. Combined with award winning haze technology, producing pure, fine, consistent

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    Road Case

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    Find various Le Maitre road cases here.  See individual listings for item specific details.

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    MVS Hazer

    Geared towards small to large sized venues, the MVS is powerful and versatile. Two variable speed high power fans can be used to control the force and direction of the haze stream. There is even an oscillating mode for automated back and forth sweeping of

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    Freezefog Pro

    Freezefog Pro creates a dramatic, controllable low-lying fog effect when used in conjunction with either a G300, GForce 2, or GForce 3 fog machine and specially formulated Le Maitre fog fluid. The low fog fluid is pumped from the smoke machine into the Fr

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    GFORCE 2 Smoke Machine

    BY : LeMaitre

    Following the initial launch at Plasa 2009, these new additions to the G300 family now complement the Le Maitre range of smoke machines. The Gforce 2 and 3 are ready to operate in approximately 6 minutes. DMX is built into the unit (similar to the MVS con

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    Neutron Xs Hazer

    BY : LeMaitre

    The Neutron XS Hazer utilises Le Maitre’s world patented S.T.A.R (Sequentially Tracked Automatic Re-Issue) technology to produce consistently pure haze with no oil, no water, no residue and no noise. This compact unit can deliver up to 150 hours of haze

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    Power Fog Industrial Fog Machine

    BY : LeMaitre

    The newest addition to Le Maitre’s fog machine line, the Power Fog Industrial, is an answer to the demands of Theme Parks, Haunted Houses, and similar types of installations. Utilizing a 1,400W Heater Block that incorporates Le Maitre’s award-winning Rapi

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    G300 Fog Machine

    BY : LeMaitre

    The G300 is the most technologically advanced dual purpose machine available. It combines an extremely high powered smoke generator with a water based hazer. The operator can select either function, by simply changing the mode on the digital display and t

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    G300 MK II Fogger

    BY : LeMaitre

    Following its initial launch at the 2007 edition of PLASA, a new addition to the G300 family is now complementing the Le Maitre range of smoke machines: the G300MkIII is a more cost effective smoke machine, employing the proven high output G300 heat excha

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    Pyro Controller 8 way

    BY : LeMaitre

    A fail-safe firing controller with a safe three point firing system. The 8 way controller has eight seperate channels which can be fired together or seperately. You can plug 8 cables into the back of the unit, and run them to your pyro "pods" or

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