Claim/Return Policy® is an open marketplace and therefore, claims/return policies may differ by Seller. While some Sellers may not offer a return policy, GearSource does require all Sellers to provide a minimum 48 business hour warranty/inspection period to allow Buyers to check their items on delivery, as part of the Terms & Conditions of listing on®.  Please note, if the Buyer arranges their own pick-up, Buyer takes possession of the gear at the point of pick-up from the seller… the 48-hour inspection clock starts at this point unless alternate arrangement were agreed to by GearSource and the Seller. 

All purchases made through® are backed by GearSource Buyer Guarantee. Purchases handled outside of the® Marketplace are not protected. 

How do issues get resolved quickly?

  1. Communication… prompt, respectful and clear communication will generally lead to a quick and amicable resolution.
  2. If you’re unable to come to an agreement, the GearSource Conflict Resolution team will review the situation and mediate a settlement.
  3. As a Seller on you must be open to compromise and participate in our resolution efforts… as long as you work with our team and the Buyer, your account will remain in good standing.


As a Buyer

As a Buyer, it is your responsibility to inspect your delivery as soon as you receive the shipment. If a shipment does not arrive when expected, report to GearSource Support team no more than 10 days after the anticipated delivery date. A claim will need to be initiated with the carrier. 

If there is any visible damage to the packaging, it is very important that you immediately document this by taking pictures of the damage and indicating there is visible damage on the delivery paperwork before signing it. Since the issue maybe related to freight damage, it will be needed to file a claim. 

Visible damaged packaging:

  • Indicate all damage information on the delivery slip
  • Take pictures or video of the packaging from all angles 
  • Hold on to all packaging materials and the box/case it arrived in
  • Document that there is damage on the driver’s Delivery paperwork, before you sign for it — make sure to retain a copy of the paperwork.
  • If damage was caused by the freight carrier, you will have to file a claim directly with the carrier and this documentation effort will be very helpful to you.
  • Freight claims may take a bit longer to resolve. Your GearSource Support team will assist you with this process, if needed.


The Inspection Process:

  • Once you have accepted delivery, you have 48 business hours to inspect each item.
  • In the case of non-delivery, you have 10 days after the anticipated delivery date.
  • Test the item(s) as if you were prepping for an event
  • Document any unexpected operational issues
  • Take good pictures and/or video from all angles, showing the issue you are reporting
  • Notify GearSource Support immediately to log the claim before your inspection period expire


The 5-step claim process:

  1. Once Buyer has reported the issue, our GearSource Support team will send the Buyer an email with instructions for completing the claim report. Seller will also be notified.
  2. Buyer will be asked to provide:
    • the detailed written explanation of the issue
    • the photos and video showing the damage or operational issues
    • scan or photo of the delivery paperwork
  3. Once received,  GearSource Support will share with the Seller to see if the problem can be resolved with remote troubleshooting between Seller’s tech team and Buyer’s tech team. If yes, GearSource Support will connect Buyer’s team with Seller’s team.
  4. If troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue, Seller may provide part replacement, assuming Buyer is able to facilitate the repair or has access to a local technician.
  5. In the event that a replacement is agreed to, shipping costs will be determined by the GearSource Support team — generally costs are shared between the Buyer and Seller, with the Buyer paying to return the item and the Seller paying to ship the replacement.


Most issues are resolved very quickly, with positive and detailed communication and a willingness to compromise.  

Important: If an order is cancelled/returned by the Buyer after order-processing and payment is already complete but prior to shipping being booked, there will be a cancellation fee of 5% of the order total deducted from the refund amount; if an order is cancelled/returned after shipping has already been booked or is in-transit or is already delivered, the cancellation fee is 10% of the total order, plus all additional shipping costs assessed by the carrier. Refunds will only be issued once the Seller has received the return goods, in good condition. Buyer is responsible for additional restocking fees that may be charged by a Seller.  Refunds will be issued within 30 days of cancellation and/or GearSource Finance approval of the refund.  Refunds will be issued via the same payment method as was received.


  • If the Claim is related to malfunction or damage to the item itself, take pictures and/or video to explain the issues.
  • NEVER make modifications to the item unless you intend to keep it or you were explicitly instructed to do so by the Seller’s Tech team. Once an item has been modified the warranty is void.
  • A repair estimate may be necessary so please be prepared to procure this. 
  • Once an agreement is reached, Buyer may be required to ship the item back to the Seller for repairs or before a refund can be completed. In most cases, the Seller will ship a repaired or replacement item back to the Buyer at Seller’s expense.  Your GearSource Support team will keep you apprised of the details. 
  • If for any reason, you are unable to reach an agreement with the Seller, GearSource Conflict Resolution Team will mediate, in order to reach resolution in accordance with the Company’s Terms and Conditions, policies and reasonable expectations. 


If the sale is completed through the GearSource Payments system, GearSource “may” approve a refund directly to the Buyer once it has been established that no other agreeable resolution can be reached with the Seller. If the sale was handled outside the GearSource System, the GearSource Buyer Guarantee is not available.  

Anything outside of the 48-hour warranty window, or a situation that does not involve damage, GearSource will honor the Seller’s policies in relation to handling refunds or returns. 

As far as manufacturer warranties, that would be dependent on the Sellers and what they are offering with their specific listing.


As a Seller

All sales completed through the GearSource platform qualify for the GearSource Buyer Guarantee. The Buyer Guarantee includes a mandatory 48-business hour warranty/inspection period upon receipt of the item to allow the Buyer to inspect the items. 

Further requirements are: 

  • A record of both payment and shipment must be available within the GearSource platform, meaning the sale was facilitated through and not outside the platform. 
  • The Buyer is required to report the issues to the GearSource Support team and/or the Seller within 48 business hours of the shipment being delivered (or within 10 days of the anticipated delivery date in the case of non-delivery).
  • The Seller must be responsive and reply to GearSource Support and/or the Buyer within 24 hours to avoid the situation escalating.
  • If an item fails to function as advertised on the Seller’s listing, does not match the model or description of the item listed or arrives with visible damage (unrelated to shipping), the Seller must:
    • replace the item at no cost to the Buyer (including the replacement shipping)
    • if the Buyer agrees, repair the item at Seller’s expense, or  
    • refund the Buyer for the full amount.  
  • If for any reason, Seller and Buyer are unable to reach an agreement, the GearSource Conflict Resolution team will mediate. The Team will review the sale and all communications in order to reach a fair resolution, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, policies and reasonable expectations. 
  • If a Buyer initiates a credit card dispute (chargeback), the Seller is responsible for reimbursing GearSource for the full disputed amount. Any funds withheld from GearSource by the Buyer’s credit card provider, must be covered by the Seller’s Payments account or repaid to GearSource within 5 days of the dispute being filed. These funds will stay in the Seller’s GearSource Payments account until the claim is settled. Be aware that Chargebacks can take the credit card providers up to 3 months to respond to. Avoid chargebacks by being prompt and responsive to inquiries, getting the order shipped as quickly as possible and responding to Buyer concerns with a willingness to resolve the situation fairly.


Every situation is different, however, solutions can be reached when there is a collective effort to be open-minded and fair, in order to come to a reasonable agreement. The quicker this is handled, the more likely it is to be amicable and painless.