Request Category Quantity Price ( Per Item ) Need By Actions
L’Acoustics K2 Package Speakers: Line Array 1 $300,000 - $400,000 2022-09-30   Suggest
Elation ACL 360 Bar Automated - LED 12 350 2022-08-27   Suggest
Martin jem hazer pro Hazers 2 650 2022-08-31   Suggest
Jands Vista T2 Road Case Cases 1 400 2022-12-31   Suggest
MA Lighting – NSP Controls 1 500 2022-10-10   Suggest
Martin Mac allure Lighting & Effects 8 14000 2022-08-31   Suggest
ETC Ion Xe or Xe 20 (2K or 12K version) Controls 2 9000 2022-09-01   Suggest
Génie super tower st25 Stands & Supports 1 3000 2022-08-31   Suggest
Meyersound M3D sub or HP700 sub Subwoofers: Powered 6 1500 2022-11-01   Suggest
Audio Nexo stm Speakers: Line Array 8 45000 2022-09-09   Suggest


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