DIN-AO8 DIN Rail Analog Output Module

    Manufacturer Description

    The DIN-AO8 is a DIN rail-mounted automation control module that provides eight analog output ports for interfacing with third-party lighting and heating/cooling systems. Analog Outputs Each analog output port provides a 0 to 10 Volt DC control signal ideally suited for controlling 0-10V lighting dimmers and heating/cooling valves. Ten-bit resolution ensures precise recall of lighting and climate control settings and smooth ramping between levels. Override Input An override input is provided to allow an external contact closure to momentarily override the control system program and set each output to its override preset level. Levels can be adjusted and saved locally from the front panel, or remotely via software. DIN Rail Installation The DIN-AO8 is designed to snap onto a standard DIN rail for installation in a wall mount enclosure or mounted on a wall panel. Wiring connections are made using detachable screw terminals positioned along the top and bottom, clearly accessible from the front for easy installation and servicing. All setup controls and indicators are positioned on the center front panel. When installed in an enclosure utilizing 45 mm cutouts, the DIN-AO8's front panel stays accessible while the connections are concealed. Cresnet The DIN-AO8 communicates with a DIN-AP2 2-Series Automation Processor, or other Crestron 2-Series control system, via the Cresnet control network. Cresnet also powers the DIN-AO8. A pair of Cresnet ports is provided on the DIN-AO8 allowing for easy daisy-chaining of several DIN Rail Series automation control modules.
    Key Features
    • Eight 0-10V analog output control ports
    • Interface for 3rd-party lighting and heating/cooling
    • Fully programmable functionality via DIN-AP2
    • Setup via front panel or software
    • Override input
    • Cresnet communications
    • 6M wide DIN rail mounting

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