CXD4.3 Processing Amplifier

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    Built for system integrators, the QSC CXD4.3 Processing Amplifier provides multi-channel amplification with built-in DSP and enough power to drive a wide variety of speaker systems with optimal energy efficiency. Utilizing QSC's Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology (FAST), the CXD4.3's power can be distributed across one to four outputs, as well as drive 70V/100V speaker outputs from all four channels. The 3rd generation Class-D power amplifier design employs PowerLight technology with Power Factor Correction (PFC), which aligns the current waveform with the AC mains voltage waveform. PFC enables the CXD Series amplifiers to draw current from the wall in a more efficient and controlled manner resulting in very high power from a single standard AC breaker. Additionally, the CXD Series amplifiers offer multi-stage sleep modes saving energy when possible without sacrificing performance. The result is a remarkably powerful and flexible platform that offers very high efficiency.

    The integrated DSP provides everything you need to optimize a speaker system including four channels of crossover filters, 5-band parametric EQ/Low-shelf/High-shelf, alignment delay, and dynamics processing. Integration of processing and amplification means that the DSP knows exactly what the amplifier is doing so dynamics processing can be far more accurate and effective. This approach employs both RMS and Peak Limiters that allow the amplifier and loudspeaker to produce more output without being pushed to distortion or destruction. Additionally, when using QSC loudspeakers, the CXD amplifiers provide Intrinsic Correction, a combination of filtering, limiting, and loudspeaker know-how, which compensates for the non-linearity in horn and driver design resulting in remarkable performance.

    The CXD4.3 includes 20 configuration preset templates, recommended for popular loudspeakers. A setup wizard helps select the right preset, make adjustments, and save to one of 50 user preset memories. Whether using the dedicated front-panel user interface featuring a 400 x 240 display, rotary encoder, and navigation buttons, or the Amplifier Navigator software on a PC or Mac, the CXD amplifiers are an ideal amplifier/processing platform for installations. The QSC CXD4.3 ships with a power cord, USB cable, and a set of Euro-style connector plugs. 

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