Today, announced a new “Area Developer” program, aimed at scaling the company’s Marketplace platform, globally, while also providing businesses (and individuals) an ability to earn, even during COVID. 

The development of G3 began early in 2019, and finally launched in August, enabling users to take full advantage of new advanced features including Global Payments Processing, a diverse shipping quote and processing system, a combining of all of the company’s global domains, and selling fees reduced by 50%. 

As part of its aggressive growth plan, the company’s creative product development team has envisioned a partnership program for Area Developers, who will take “ownership” of a market and share revenues with GearSource on all listings and/or sales within that region or segment. AD’s will act as a part of our team, but operate independently, typically within their own business. 

“Area Development is a cornerstone of our rapid, global marketplace growth plans. I am proud to launch such a program today, when so many individuals and businesses are suffering under massive challenges from COVID” says GearSource founder and CEO, Marcel Fairbairn. 

Area Developers have begun to sign on and prepare to expand their businesses quickly. In Asia, Brave Technologies and its top boss, Don Chan, will continue to grow GearSource from their base in Singapore. “GearSource is a unique model, one that benefits our emerging markets in Asia very well, and I am excited to scale this business quickly in support of our unique markets” says Chan. 

And now, the company announces its newest Area Developer, Juan Maldonado and Visualsvisuals, one of Spain’s leading distributors of top lines, including Elation Professional. Juan and his team expect to flourish with the GearSource brand, while quickly establishing Sellers and Buyers throughout Spain. “We saw early in this pandemic that sales of pre-owned equipment would experience a big surge. We have known of GearSource for many years, and the opportunity to better serve our customers through this partnership is very exciting” confirms Mr Maldonado. 

“Our vision is to localize our business and partner with the very best people in each market, to establish a strong, global brand. COVID has a death choke on our industry, so it’s quite exciting to be in a position to offer a glimmer of hope and opportunity to industry folks all over the world” says Fairbairn. The company is currently looking to fill Area Developer opportunities in parts of Europe, South America, Australia and the Middle East. 

For questions or information regarding the Area Developer opportunity, please email [email protected], and watch for an upcoming Webinar, where the company will discuss the opportunity further and provide more details. 

The company recently launched 2 other programs, the Daily Deal blast – sharing daily single specials with those fortunate enough to be on that list. And in the USA, the Text4Gear program, offering exclusive specials to buyers who’ve signed up to receive text communications directly from the company. For more information on those, and other unique offers, visit