Used and New Equipment Financing Available

GearSource is pleased to offer New, Used and B-Stock equipment financing in partnership with Quail Financial Solutions, a national specialist lender providing financing solutions for production industry including A/V Post & Productions, Live Sound, Lighting and Staging Industries.


GearSource guidelines for Equipment Financing:

The Gear:

  • Equipment cannot be older than 4 years from the date of manufacture

  • Equipment must be fully functional

  • Equipment must be listed in Good, Very Good or New Condition

  • Gear must be cosmetically acceptable

  • Equipment pricing must be at current Market Price


Financial requirements:

  • If you are financing under a legally structured entity you must have been in business for at least 2 years

  • The only instance we provide financing to individuals is IF they have a Sole Proprietorship established or have at least 2 years worth of Schedule C income with a good established personal credit record

  • Financing available from $10,000-$500,000 on a single one-page application.

  • Companies with an established Credit record can benefit from Approvals WITHOUT any Personal Guaranty “PG” requirements of its owners.

  • We provide fixed rate programs with 100% tax benefits.

  • We can also provide 90 days of deferred payment programs.


Finance Application

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