Buying FAQ

Buying gear from anywhere in the world has become SO much easier with Marketplace platform.  Here are the most common questions our Customer Service team are asked. If YOU have a question, feel free to send that to our Customer Service team by clicking Submit Questions.

How Do I Buy an Item on®? is a Marketplace which means, when you’re buying an item on®, you’re buying that item from an individual Seller who has listed their item for sale on our site. While GearSource works diligently to review the integrity and quality of the listings on our platform, GearSource is not the actual Seller of the item… we simply provide the platform and payment services for the transaction to be facilitated. 

It’s essential to ask good questions and review all the details of the item, in terms of shipping and condition of the gear before making your purchase. Feel free to ask for more photos.

Once you’re ready to buy an item, without “making an offer” just click the “Add to Cart” button to get started! This will direct you to the checkout page, where you can Request a shipping quote or, if shipping is included, complete your payment.® accepts all major credit cards, ACH and more.

**Note: GearSource does not accept checks or payments over the phone**

Why was I charged tax on my order?

If you are in the United States, Marketplace facilitator taxes came into effective in many states throughout the US in 2019. As of September 2020, GearSource is required by law to calculate, collect and remit these sales taxes on behalf of our sellers, on orders that are shipping into any states where the Marketplace Facilitator legislation is enacted and where GearSource meets the thresholds required. GearSource is currently registered to collect taxes in 32 states. Please go to our Marketplace Facilitator Tax page for more information.

If you qualify for tax exemption in your state, please make sure you link your tax exemption certificate to your account. If you have questions, contact [email protected] before placing your order. Please note: the certificate name and address must match the name and address on your account on

Canadian GST is currently calculated, collected and remitted for all orders shipping into Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia. PST (or HST if applicable) is currently calculated, collected and remitted for Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Other provinces will be added as thresholds are met.

All orders within the European Union are subject to VAT based on local rules. If you have a valid VAT number, please make sure you have registered the number with so the Seller can be notified.

How Long Do I Have to Pay For My Purchase?

It is expected that orders will be paid within 24 hours of the shipping quote being provided. Once an order is placed on the item, the Seller is no longer able to sell that specific item to someone else, therefore, it’s important to complete your payment quickly. Orders not paid within 72 hours may be cancelled.

As soon as payment has cleared, the Seller is required to supply a tracking number to the order shipment within 3 business days, at which point you’ll receive an email notification with a link to track your package. 

How long does it take for payments to clear?

That’s a great question and the short answer is, it depends. First, incoming and outgoing International payments take longer to clear than US payments – US payments are “usually” 1-3 business days, whereas International can range from 4-7 days. Unfortunately, it is not an exact science – every bank has different timelines and there are often delays at both ends.

Automated Payouts outbound to Sellers take 3-5 business days from when the tracking information has been added to the order.

Like you, we hope this becomes more predictable over time.

How Do Offers Work on GearSource?

Just like at a “real” marketplace, you can make an offer on an item and try to win  that item at a lower price than it’s listed for. If the “Make an Offer” button is not available on a listing, the seller is not accepting lower offers.

How to Make an Offer:
  • Select the “Make an Offer” button on the listing
  • Select your “Shipping to” location to ensure shipping rates are accurate
  • Enter your offer amount
  • Include a message to the seller if you would like
  • Click “I agree to pay if my offer is accepted”
  • Select “Submit Offer”

Please note that even if you have a pending offer with a seller, other GearSource users can still make offers or purchase that item at any time for the full listing price. 

What Happens After an Offer is Submitted?

Sellers have 24 hours to accept, decline or counter your offer. If 24 hours pass without the seller or you responding, your offer will expire. 

Are You Required to Make a Purchase if Your Offer is Accepted?

Yes, once your offer is accepted or you accept a seller’s counteroffer, you are obligated to that purchase. You will get an email notification as well as an “Unpaid Order” notification on our page and the item will be placed in your shopping cart awaiting payment.

Once your offer has been accepted, you must submit payment within 24 hours. It is important that you message the seller immediately with any delay on payment. 

And If You Don’t Pay for Your Accepted Offer?

Abandoning an order after your offer may result in  account suspension. On every order, costs are incurred by both GearSource and the Seller, therefore, only make an offer on an item if you fully intend on following through with the purchase.

Can an Offer be Cancelled?

Once an offer is submitted, there is no way to cancel or retract it. Prior to making an offer, it’s always best to review the listing and Policies thoroughly to make sure you’re ready to purchase.

If you made an offer in error, notify our Customer Service team immediately and provide us with the reason why. We will contact the Seller and ask that they decline the offer.

Does GearSource Offer Free Shipping?

GearSource is a marketplace of independent sellers, therefore, shipping rates and shipping options vary by seller. That being said, many sellers on the site do offer Free Shipping on certain items to certain zones. 

How to find listings with Free Shipping:
  1. Head to
  2. Type an item you wish to purchase in the search bar and press enter
  3. On the left-hand side of the page click within the box on Free Shipping 
  4. The search results will be filtered to show applicable listings. 


Can I Pick Up My Order Locally?

In most cases, yes. You can notify the Customer Service team and request this option on the item listing you are interested in.  They will confirm with the seller that this option is available. Once the seller has agreed on local pickup, you are required to pay for the order before the specific pick-up address will be shared. 

Once you have picked up the item, you will mark your item as received on your Order Page by clicking on the “Item Received” button. This way, we can confirm that your order was completed and everything has been taken care of for you and pay the seller.

*Please note – Orders paid using financing will not be eligible for local pickup, as it voids the buyer protection*

Am I Protected if I Do Not Receive an Item or the Item I Receive is Not as Described?

All purchases are backed by our 48-hour Buyer Guarantee. If an item arrives inoperable or not as described (unrelated to freight damage), contact GearSource Customer Service team within 48 hours of delivery, with documentation of the issue. We always recommend contacting the seller first, as the majority of issues are resolved quickly between buyer and seller. 

If a purchase arrives in unexpected condition or not as described, please review and follow the steps in the GearSource Return Policy

  • Gather documentation (e.g. photos, video) of any issues once they are encountered and message the seller on GearSource with that information
  • If the item is not working, do not attempt to make any modifications or repairs unless you are prepared to keep the item as is
  • Request a refund by going to your Order Dashboard, finding the specific order and clicking on Request Refund
  • Allow the seller 24-hours to respond to this request
  • Once approved, ship the item back to the seller (unless a partial refund or other arrangements were discussed)
  • Once the item is back in the seller’s possession, your refund should be initiated in 48 hours


If your order arrives damaged in shipping:

  • Prior to signing for the package, take pictures or video of the packaging from all angles 
  • Document the damage on the Delivery paperwork, before you sign for it, and retain a copy of the paperwork. 
  • Hold on to any packaging materials and the box it arrived in
  • In the case of internal damage to the equipment/packaging, once again, take pictures and videos showing the visible damage to the item and its surrounding packaging. 
  • Do not under any circumstances attempt to do any modifications or repairs to the item 
  • Submit this information to the Seller and GearSource using the Request Refund link on the specific order in your Order Dashboard 
  • In the case of any damage or loss during shipment, it is your responsibility to notify the Seller and GearSource Customer Service within 48 hours. If this is not done in time, you may be responsible for the damages.
  • If the damage was caused by the freight carrier, the claim must be made directly with the carrier and may take a bit longer to resolve such claims. All shipments are also protected by freight insurance.  
  • Once an agreement is reached and approved, you will be required to ship the item back to the seller “before” repairs or refunds are completed. If the return is due to operational issues, the Sellers will provide a return shipping label.
  • If the seller remains unresponsive to your messages and refund requests after 48 hours, you can open up a support ticket with our Conflict Resolution team to step in and assist!
  • Anything outside of that 48 hour window, or a situation that is not damaged/not as described, we would then honor the seller’s individual policies.


Did you purchase an item and it didn’t ship out?

GearSource allows the seller 5 business days to get items shipped out and provide tracking numbers. If it is past the 5 business days, we would recommend contacting Customer Service for a status update. In the event the seller remains unresponsive, you can contact our Conflict Resolution team to assist. 

If you have any questions not answered here, please reach out to our GearHeads by clicking the Chat button on the bottom right of any page and they will assist you or as stated at the beginning, feel free to submit your questions to Customer Service.

Note: Site edits are in progress and some functions may not be currently active.