Buyer Guarantee


If there’s an issue with your order, start by contacting the seller and providing them with documentation (photos and/or videos) of the issue. Most issues are resolved directly between buyers and sellers. If you don’t hear back from the seller within 24 hours, please contact GearSource Support and describe the situation, so we can extend the inspection period until the Seller responds, if need be. GearSource will likely require copies of the pictures or video of any damage and a repair estimate, so please procure those in advance. Communication must be made within 2 days of the shipment being delivered (or within 10 days of the anticipated delivery date in cases of non-delivery).


GearSource will review the sale and communicate with the seller in order to reach resolution in accordance with their policies and expectations.


If no resolution is reached, our Conflict Resolution Team will step in to evaluate the situation and will recommend the next step you should take, depending on the method of payment used. As long as we can see the order flow and that the payment was completed through the GearSource Payments system, GearSource may decide to issue a refund directly to the your credit card, if no other resolution can be reached with the seller. If the listing is part of the GearSource Marketplace System but the sale was made outside the GearSource Payment System directly to the seller, you are not covered by the GearSource Buyer Guarantee – you will have to work directly with the seller to come to a resolution. If you have any questions, please contact GearSource Support