Area Developer Program is the industry’s first, dedicated, true marketplace offering lower fees, streamlined listings process, total listings, sales and logistics control for sellers, a vast, global marketplace, multi-currency payments system and more.

GearSource is providing a new opportunity to partners who can own exclusive rights to a territory or market anywhere in the world. Area Developers will earn a share of revenue from listings and sales originating within their segment or territory, but also, in many cases, outside as well.


  • Any non-held territory on a non-exclusive basis (you can also sell to a buyer or add a seller outside your exclusive territory, as long as there is no “ownership” of that territory)


Similar to an Agency agreement, Area Developer Program Benefits include:

  • Shared Profit / Fees Agreement
  • Shared Marketing and messaging on all platforms
  • Monthly marketing push / campaigns all covered by one convenient monthly marketing fee
  • Promotion for your territory through our site and marketing materials


Additional Features and Benefits include:

  • Global freight programs and tools
  • Logistics and order-ops support, with teams in N America, Europe and Asia
  • Multi-national, multi-currency payments processing system automatically manages payments transactions and provides each party their share.
  • Marketing Team to help create customer marketing campaigns or collateral for each market


Area Developer Requirements:

  • A company, based in the production business, but not a direct competitor to GearSource® users.
  • Staff who will be dedicated to the used gear market
  • A manager separate from your core business
  • Capital to invest in growing significant business alongside the GearSource® team

For more information on the company’s Area Developer Program, please email [email protected]