About GearSource

About GearSource

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International: +1(561) 296-9555® was brought to life in October of 2002 by industry vet, Marcel Fairbairn. Since that time,® has sold more used production gear than anyone through its unique “Two Sided Marketplace”, meaning a place that is equally connected to its sellers and its buyers. The company’s global user-base is made up of professional production/rental companies, resellers and end-users from all segments of live production and entertainment technology. On both sides, users are both buyers and sellers via this unique and dynamic platform.

By growing®, the company has delivered on its promise to clean up the process of re-marketing Production gear while creating a safe and efficient Global Marketplace, catering exclusively to professional entertainment gear markets. GearSource has also become a 100% remote-based company, giving us access to a global pool of talent and allowing us to build a quality team to assist our Buyers and Sellers.

GearSource has once again begun the huge project of rebuilding our platform into a single global marketplace, with strong payment management, tax compliance and advanced security and compliance measures.

Meet Our Team:

Marcel Fairbairn : President / CEO

Marcel has spent more than 30 years in the Sound and Lighting markets, beginning in 1985 selling A/V installations in his home country, Canada. In 1991, Marcel relocated to Florida taking on sales for Martin’s US distributor, Tracoman. This proved to be a moment that changed the future for Marcel, Martin, and the automated lighting industry as well. Marcel remains the visionary behind and is actively involved in Sales, Marketing, Technology and the company’s vision and direction.

Claudette Cyr : Partner / COO

Claudette spent over 25 years in graphic services, marketing & public relations, including 15 years as owner of a services business in Calgary, Canada. Claudette began her journey with® in 2002 as system Project Manager. Over the years her role grew exponentially and she is now a Partner and the company’s COO. In this role, Claudette manages all Global operations and Finance. In addition, she continues to work closely with the CEO on top strategic decisions.

Business Development:

Brad : VP Business Development – Global

Brad Nelms joined GearSource in April 2021. His primary role is to manage the team overseeing global Sellers and Listings acquisition, as the company scales its growing marketplace platform. Brad gained experience with many great companies including TLS, 4Wall, VER, PRG and Solotech. He also worked with ACT Lighting, the N.A. distributor for MA Lighting, Ayrton, and other great brands. Brad is based in Las Vegas, but will spend a lot of his time in front of the company’s largest and most important selling partners, worldwide.

Cynthia : Business Development Manager – North America/LATAM

Cynthia Viteri has been a key member of the GearSource Business Development team since 2003. She spent 7 years with the company’s CEO at two prior companies – Martin Professional, and Coemar USA. Cynthia graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in International Business and from Nova Southeastern University with a Masters in International Business Administration. She continues to be a knowledgeable and hard-working professional, who has a keen understanding of gear and where to find it.

Don : Area Developer – Asia

Don Chan has been growing the Asian market for GearSource since 2017. 

Patrice : Area Developer – France 

Patrice Fontaine joined the GearSource Area Developer team in April 2021 as the rep for France. 

Customer Experience Team

Carrie : Listings/Seller Manager — Specializing in Listings/Seller Onboarding

Carrie Bourgette has been with GearSource since March 2010, when she was originally hired to work as part of the small team that built our massive Stock Item database, the backbone of our listings platform. Carrie’s role expanded to include managing the large flow of listings each and every day, working with Sellers to get their gear listed and sold, as well as being a key member of the marketing team. She continues to work closely with our valued sellers and supervise the company’s listings database… the core of our business. In 2022 Carrie was promoted to Listings/System Manager and oversees both the listings and the Marketplace Platform development.

Faith : Specializing in Listings/Marketing

Faith joined the GearSource listings and marketing teams in February 2022 as Listings Coordinator and Marketing specialist. She brings experience of the Asia market to our global team.

Theo : Specializing in Logistics and Order Management

Theodoros Spandonidis (we call him Theo, pronounced Tao) joined GearSource in February 2019 to take over European Order Operations, which includes, logistics, and customer service areas. In 2022, Theo was promoted to CX Manager and oversees Global Customer Experience (CX), Operations and Logistics. Theo speaks 3 languages – English, German and Greek – and has a Masters degree in Science. His true passion for music and Audio Visual Technologies was the driving force behind his move to GearSource.

Rafael : Specializing in Order Management 

Rafael (Raffy) joined the GearSource CX team in March 2022 as Customer Experience Representative to assist our customers with the processing and management of their orders. You’ve heard the term “dog with a bone”… need we say more?

Fritzie : Specializing in Order Management in APAC

Fritzie joined GearSource in April 2022 as Customer Experience Representative to assist our customers with the processing and management of their orders. Fritzie is based in Asia to assist with the increasing number of orders within the APAC region 

Amanda: Specializing in Marketplace flow, payment management and general accounting

Amanda Hart joined GearSource in March 2021. She brings a strong background in small business and online marketplace accounting.  She also has a clear understanding of online payment processing, marketplace taxes and the various in and outs associated with Marketplace-driven platforms. She’s a welcome addition to both our Customer Experience team and our Finance Department.


If you are interested in joining our team, please send feel free to reach out to [email protected]. Remember to include your resume.