Today, announced the result of more than a year developing a new platform, internally called “G3” for the third generation of its software since first founding the business in 2002. 

The development of G3 began early in 2019, and finally comes to fruition this week, enabling the company’s users to take full advantage of several new advanced features including Global Payments Processing and payments automation, a unique and incredibly diverse shipping quoting and processing system, a combining of all of the company’s global domains, and selling fees reduced by 50% or more in many situations. 

“Our team has worked so hard to execute on these new tools that make buying and selling gear, globally, so much easier and more efficient” says company founder and CEO, Marcel Fairbairn. “It’s scary, during this pandemic, spending the time and money required to bring this to life. But we knew we really had no choice. The world would need this platform even more now, so we pushed forward”. 

The new, state of the art Marketplace platform was completed in a collaboration between the GearSource team, a group who worked with the company before, Chameleon Collective, and directed by Dan Melnick, who was responsible for prior to joining GearSource as a consultant. 

The company has incorporated a global payments system developed by Stripe and used by companies like Kickstarter, Lyft and Instacart. This system enables buyers to pay, and sellers to be paid – with more simplicity, efficiency and security than ever before utilized in this industry. 

For larger “power-sellers”, the company has developed a new, more robust API tool, that enables those sellers to establish a connection, in real time, between their own rental or ERP software, and the GearSource platform. Through this connection, sellers can sync pricing, availability, order information and more, without the need for any duplicate entries between our platform and theirs. Also, the ability to import large lists of products or to do mass pricing updates is easy, using the companies custom import tools. And export reports, order information and more easily as well. 

Instead of sending global users to multiple domains, the company has brought all domains and global locations together under one, Global, domain. However, the company will continue to expand global operations, adding staff and Area Developer partners in key locations. 

The company recently launched 2 exciting new programs, the Daily Deal blast – sharing daily single specials with those fortunate enough to be on that list. And in the USA, the Text4Gear program, offering exclusive specials to buyers who’ve signed up to receive text communications directly from the company. For more information on those, and other unique offers, visit